Webmasters Claiming Recoveries With Google Panda 2.3 Update

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Panda 2.3 was rolled out on July 22nd and since then I have been hearing a nice number of reports from webmasters that they have recovered.Of course, we are still getting reports that sites are still not doing better and then new reports of sites that just hit by this update. But for the first time, I am seeing a significant number of reports from people saying they recovered.WebProNews has an article with DaniWeb about her full recovery. She shared Google Analytics data that can be confirmed with Quantcast data.As you can see, it seems like they truly recovered. Despite all the early reports where most did not recover from Panda and the lies about recoveries. There were some reports of recoveries with the 2.2 Panda update but not as many as with this update.For more on the Panda update click here.Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Google Webmaster Help.


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