Was There A Google Update A Few Days Ago?

Both Mozcast and SERPS.com reported significant fluctuations on Wednesday, December 5th. I checked WebmasterWorld the following morning but it was temporarily offline and due to that, the discussion of a possible update was very low to none. So my normal gauge to see if there was an update was broken.That being said, there is some chatter in the WebmasterWorld thread that there was an update late last week that webmasters began to notice on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. One webmaster said:Again -37% less traffic today. I have never seen this useless serps ever. Though in summer was bad. But this is top of all bad serps, beginning 27/11. Sites with no content, ebay affiliates, amazon affiliates all over. small ecoms are totaly gone. Did you notice an update late last week? Should I ping Google asking them about this one?Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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