Tired of the Google Dance / Update Posts

Have you ever noticed that the number of posts about a “Google Dance” or “Google Update” start to increase as we get closer to the time period of about 30 days after the last “Google Update”? Well, yea, I guess you noticed because most forums are flooded with posts about this topic.Post such as… “When do you think the next dance will take place?” “I think Google is dancing, I see changes in the SERPS.” “Is Google Dancing?” “When will Google update again?” “I saw the PageRank value in the Google Toolbar fluctuate, there must be a PR update going on!” “When will the next back link update occur?”We have all seen them, in fact, we see them too often. I am sorry if I offend anyone, that is not my intention. The purpose of this post is to plead with the forum goer to please be calm about the updates. I know everyone wants to be the first to spot the update and post about it in their respective forums but to venture a guess when the update will occur is simply that, a guess.I have been involved with SEO/SEM forums for a long time, so maybe I am burned out. So please be more careful before posting about the Google Updates and Dances. We all love when they happen but let them happen before posting on them.


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