September 2009 Google Webmaster Report

It has been a somewhat slow start to our typically monthly report based on a WebmasterWorld thread that tracks day-to-day changes with Google’s web results. Overall, it seems like people are discussing two main things.

(1) The Caffeine preview, Google’s new index, is expected to be launched in the main Google results sometime this month. Google has not confirmed this, but webmasters are expecting this.

(2) The Minus 6 Penalty, which was a Google bug, is not being discussed again.

Outside of those two topics, a lot has gone on this past month at Google, here is a bulleted recap with links to more details:

Google Releases First Public Search Update Preview: “Caffeine” Update
Possible Google Update – August 2009
Google Loving Keywords in URLs Now?
New Set of Google Penalties & New Siteslinks
What’s Going On With Google UK’s Search Results?
Google Adds Rich Snippet Testing Tool
Google Site Reconsideration Form Not Working For Many
Google PageRank Distribution Data Not Available For Many in Webmaster Tools
New Google Sitemaps Error: “Duplicate URL” Warning
Google Webmaster Tools Now Reporting SSL Certificate Errors
Google News & Google Webmaster Tools “Pending” Sitemaps Bug
.ME Domain Names Can Now Be Geo Targetted In Google Webmaster Tools
Google Webmaster Tools API Bugs

To see lasts months recap, visit the August ’09 Google webmaster report.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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