Poll: You Or Your Clients Hit By The Google Fred Algorithm?

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As you know, the Google Fred update touched down on March 7th/8th, which seemed to hit low value content. Google finally confirmed the update as hitting but wouldn’t give more advice outside of citing quality issues.That being said, I want you to check your own sites and/or client sites and let me know if you saw a huge 50% or higher decline on March 7th/8th timeline. If you did, it likely was the Google Fred update. Go ahead and take our poll below. I’ll share the results in the near future. If you were hit or not hit or whatever, take the poll. Tell your colleagues to take the poll as well.Were Your Sites Hit By Google’s Fred Algorithm On March 8th?YesNoNot SureVoteView ResultsCrowdsignal.com
Were Your Sites Hit By Google’s Fred Algorithm On March 8th?I hope you/your clients weren’t hit but the poll results do help with the community.Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Black Hat World.This post was scheduled to go live today but was written earlier – I am currently offline today.


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