Poll: Do You See Significant Changes In Google’s Mobile Results A Week Later?

So it is officially one week since the official launch date of the Google mobile friendly update. I personally saw it go live but like I said, it was bouncing around and I saw it, it went away, saw it again, and so on. But it is even bouncing today. We know Google confirmed it is live in many data centers but said it can take a week to week and a half to fully go live. It has been a week but not a week and a half, so let’s give Google more time.We were expecting this update to have a “significant” impact on the mobile results as Google initially announced. More so than Penguin or Panda, we were told. But right now, we don’t fully see it.Do you see the mobile results as significantly different? Take our poll TODAY:Do You See Different Google Mobile Results A Week After Mobilegeddon?UnsureYesSometimesNoOther:VoteView ResultsCrowdsignal.comDo You See Different Google Mobile Results A Week After Mobilegeddon?The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread on the topic seems to feel the same way as the general public, that the roll out, at least as it is today, was NOT significant. Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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