Pinterest A Spam Tool For Google’s Organic Results?

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The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread has ongoing chatter about Google ranking shuffles but there is now a new uptick in complaints about Pinterest ranking very well in Google. Some people are saying that Pinterest is pulling a Wikipedia and taking over a lot of the top search results in Google.

SamWest, a senior member at the WebmasterWorld community wrote:

More negative moves. Over the past 3 to 4 weeks my main keyword, that was at #1 for 17+ years has suddenly dropped to position 5.

Replaced by Pinterest, Pinterest and now a huge “Top Stories” block that display news stories totally unrelated to the search query. Isn’t that what the “News” tab is for?

He added a day or so later that Pinterest was totally dominating some of the queries in Google:

Today I saw a search query in my niche return a staggering FIVE consecutive Pinterest results.

I had to double check my URL to make sure I wasn’t stuck on the Pinterest site. Incredible.

That is one major bug on Google right now.

There are several others complaining about this as well in the forum thread.

I checked tools like SearchMetrics, Sistrix and SEMRush and they don’t all agree with the growth of Pinterest in the Google rankings:




Have you noticed Pinterest more often in the Google search results? Are spammers taking advantage of the network?

Here is a tweet from Glenn Gabe:

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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