Panda 3.8 Live: Google Update After Thursday June 21st

On June 19th we reported chatter around a possible Google update, Google shot me down on those rumors.

Confirmed There was a Google update, specifically Panda.

Now, I am hearing more rumors of a Google update underway as late as Thursday night, June 21st.

One webmaster confirmed the ranking changes by saying:

I saw this drop yesterday too. After a robust start to a Thursday, our traffic dropped off and hasn’t returned now today. In fact, I’m seeing significantly worse traffic than usual today.

But there are several webmasters talking about it. I am not sure if the chatter is high enough to signify a real Google update. Did you notice any changes over the weekend?

We even have one webmaster claiming a Penguin recovery over the weekend.

What do you think?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld & Google+.

Confirmed: There was a Panda update, Google tweeted this:


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