Panda 2.2 Results In Casualties & Some Recoveries

Panda 2.2, I believe, it 100% underway as of late last week. We had some early reports earlier this month, which may not have been a Panda update or maybe some small tests. But last week, June 16th, we reported the 2.2 rollout and I honestly think this is the 2.2 roll out. I wasn’t 100% sure back then but I am really confident 2.2 has been rolled out.

The results?

Mostly more people complaining about being hurt by Panda. In fact, I have several webmasters sharing stats with me privately, let me share one of a very large site but I promised I wouldn’t disclose the site’s name:

SITENAME got hit in stages, about 10% Tuesday, and then another 30% at 7PM EDT on Friday. The hit is across the subdomain, across all categories, geographic locations, etc.

But there are also public reports of more sites hit. Some in the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread, some in new Google Webmaster Help threads and some in the ongoing old Google Webmaster Help thread.

But the good news is that some are actually reporting recoveries.

Two WebmasterWorld threads have reports from some webmasters of recoveries. One said on June 19th:

I’ve recovered as of 36 hours ago.

Day1 of recovery, traffic doubled, adsense tripled Day2 of recovered, 4 hours in, traffic has doubled again, back to my best levels of 18 months ago.

Seems my fixes have not only got me back from Panda, but also from something else.

I rewrote poor content. By poor, it was either too short, badly phrased, spelling errors, partial or exact copies from other sites. Articles are now varied in length, and high quality. Not all articles fixed, but a large proportion, and the worst ones done first.

I stopped google indexing thin pages. Detail pages with little detail are now gone.

I did not speed my pages up and they are not real fast.

I did not remove any adsense and i have 2 blocks above the fold, one at the bottom of the page.

Another webmaster said, “on our primary site (that was pandalized on Feb. 24), I can see significant ranking changes on and in our case, the changes are positive.”

But like I said, I believe most of the reports are negative where more sites are falling to the Panda update after this update.

Again, Google has not confirmed Panda 2.2 being released but we do know to expect it around this time.

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Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Google Webmaster Help.

Update: We now have official confirmation from Google that they have pushed out a Panda 2.2 update. I have more details on this at Search Engine Land.


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