Only 12% Said They Saw Ranking Improvements After Google Penguin 4.0

As you know, Google began rolling out Penguin 4.0 on September 23rd – we’ve been writing about Penguin a lot recently so catch up here. But on the Tuesday after, we reported that there was minimal impact seen by anyone in the SEO community.We learned later, on Wednesday, that the Penguin penalty reversals started rolling out Wednesday and for the next few days. Some have started chiming in that they saw the reversals and recoveries. I ran a poll on Tuesday asking if folks saw any changes to their rankings specifically around the September 23rd date. We had almost 600 people respond to the poll and 73% said they saw no changes, only 12% said they saw an improvement and 15% said they saw a drop in their rankings. It sounds right, but I suspect many more will change their minds this week.Here are the results but please take our new poll on this below:So now, look after 9/28 (Wednesday) and see if you see an increase from them until now in terms of your rankings and Google organic traffic. Now take this new poll below and tell your friends to take the poll as well:How Did Google Penguin 4.0 Impact You After 9/28/2016?No ChangesMy Rankings ImprovedMy Rankings DeclinedVoteView
How Did Google Penguin 4.0 Impact You After 9/28/2016?Forum discussion continued at WebmasterWorld.This post was scheduled to go live today but was written earlier – I am currently offline today.


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