October 2014 Google Webmaster Report

The last Google webmaster report was fairly slow compared to what we had this past month. This past month we had a change to the Panda algorithm that may or may not have hit this site.

We have some serious reports of major Google flux going on right now. But also, we have a lot of Penguin anxiety that it may launch really soon but it did pass the one year mark.

Google also slapped PBNs, Turkish news sites and warns Polish SEOs. I also covered a lot more on HTTPS, generic Google SEO tips and a ton on Google’s new Sitelinks Search and UI changes.

Here is a break down of the stories on Google SEO topics for the past month:

Google Panda:

Google Panda 4.1 Now Rolling Out; Aims To Help Smaller Web Sites
Was I Hit By Google Panda 4.1? Looks Like I Was…
Google Panda Update On September 5th

Google Penguin:

Chatter: Google Penguin or Panda Refresh Happening?
Google: Penguin 3.0 Will Most Likely Launch In 2014
Sad Day: Google Penguin Goes One Year Without A Refresh &…
Is Google Really Releasing Penguin 3.0 Next Week? Maybe…
Google: We’re Working On A Solution To Refresh Penguin Faster
Google Confirms That Recovering From Penguin Requires An Algorithm Refresh

Google Penalties:

Report: Google Severely Hits PBNs (Private Blog Networks)
Google Penalizes Turkish News Sites For Content Spam
Google: Lots Of SEOs From Poland Abuse Clients
Google: The Polish SEO Agencies Harming Non Profits, Sometimes For Free

Google HTTPS:

8 Weeks After Migrating To HTTPS: Google Webmaster Tools Analytics
Google Actively Working On HTTPS Validation Before Ranking Boost
Google: There Isn’t A Magical SEO Advantage By Switching To HTTPS
HTTPS Migration For Google News Publishers Going Smoothly
Buffer Migrates To HTTPS, Google Fixes Edge Case

Google SEO:

Google Processes The Disavow File Continuously
Connection Time & HTTP Status Codes Used By GoogleBot For Crawl Efficiency
Google: GoogleBot Doesn’t Lose Sleep Over Broken Links
WebP Formatted Images Are Google Friendly
Google: Responsive Design Is Not A Ranking Signal Boost
Google: Rich Snippets Not Really For Your Homepage
Google: Even After Algorithm Update, Your Rankings Changes May Not Be Immediately Visible
Google On Mobile Redirection: Now Use 301s, Not 302s
Google’s Matt Cutts Migrates Blog To HTTPS But Uses 302 Redirects
Google Modifies Domain Clustering Rankings?
Google Webmaster Tools API Gets Infrastructure Update

Google Sitelinks Search:

Google Search Site In SERPS Moved Up & May Jump Results To Your Site
Report: Google Sitelinks Searchbox Taking Queries To Publisher Sites
Google Webmaster Tools Notices Of Sitelink Search Box
Google Shares Common Webmaster Issues With SearchAction Schema & Sitelinks Search
Google: Schema Markup Does Not Guarantee Sitelinks Search Box

Google User Interface:

Google Smartphone Icons Now Testing Again
Moz: Google Answer Boxes Now Showing Up 60% More Often
Google Knowledge Graph For B-List Celebrities
Google’s Knowledge Graph Answers Show Randomized Sources?
Google: We Sometimes Show Credit For Knowledge Graph & Answers When…

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