October 2010 Google Webmaster Report

It is that time of the month again, the time we summarize what webmasters are talking about when it comes to Google SEO topics. For last month’s report see the September 2010 Google webmaster report.

This month, the WebmasterWorld thread is feeling something big is coming. Tedster, WebmasterWorld’s administrator said:

There are many different kinds of ranking disruptions being reported right now – dropped domain roots, unexplainable traffic spikes and dips. These things often come right before some kind of algo shift. What do you think – is something brewing?

Do you think something big is coming? We did see reports of a small ranking update and PageRank update but nothing major yet. The biggest thing that happened in the past month was the launch of Google Instant – outside of that, SEOs are feeling something is on the horizon.

Here are the most important Google related topics we covered from the past month:

Google Instant: Predictions Were Right
Minor Google Ranking Update (September 2010)?
Some Reports of September 2010 Google PageRank Update
Google’s New SEO Starter Guide
Google Offers Rel=Alternate Tag For Translated Templates
Google Instant Hasn’t Really Changes Traffic Referrals
Google Webmaster Tools Login Bug: Too Many Redirects
Google’s Most Trusted SEOs Lash Out Over The “May Day Monster”
56% Of SEOs To Change Strategy For Google Instant & 43% Wont
65% Say The Google Sandbox Still Exists
60% Of You Don’t Like Google Instant

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