October 2009 Google Webmaster Report

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I am currently in transit to the SMX East conference and I am going to try to do some blog posts while in the car (no I am not driving). As we normally do, at the beginning of each month, we summarize an ongoing WebmasterWorld thread that tracks and discusses changes at Google’s web search. It looks at indexes, algorithms and fluctuations in the index. You can find last months report, the September 2009 report, also.

The thread mostly currently discusses a blog post from a storage guru, which explains why Google may have been moving towards the Caffeine update and the new file system, GFSII. Here is a quote:

A couple of years ago at the first Seattle Conference on Scalability, Google’s Jeffrey Dean remarked that the company wanted 100x more scalability. Unsurprising given the rapid growth of the web. But there was more to it than that: GFS – the Google File System was running out of scalability.

It also discusses the weight Google gives keywords in file names and domain names, new pages ranking highly quickly and some people having issues with accessing the various Google properties over the weekend.

Here are the more important Google topics we discussed in the past month:

Google Updates Webmaster Tools Verification Process: Google Sites Verification Breaks
Google Names My “Deep Sitelinks” as “Forum Sitelinks”
Google September 2009 Image Search Update Turns Out Bad?
Google Hot Trends Now in Google Search Results
Linking To Affiliates? Better Nofollow Those Links or Google Will Penalize You
Yes, Google Is Showing Deeper Sitelinks In Different Formats
Google Says, Referrer Spam Does Not Hurt Your Google Rankings
Google’s Related Command Now More Accurate?
Google Adds Parameter Handling To Webmaster Tools, Plays Catchup to Yahoo Site Explorer
Google Says Pages That Validate Do Not Get Ranking Boost
How Google Treats Affiliates In Web Search?
Google Base Feeds Can Now Include YouTube Video Demos for Product Search 
Longer Domain Registration Does Not Increase Google Search Engine Rankings
75% of SEOs Feel Google Loves Keywords in the URL
Google Sitemaps Bug? “Sitemap appears to be an HTML page”

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

FYI – it is not fun blogging in a moving car.


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