November 2014 Google Webmaster Report

Talk about a crazy month in Google, Google launched Penguin 3.0 in a pretty sloppy way, they also launched the DMCA algorithm and had Panda refreshes throughout that time.Google also updated their technical webmaster guidelines with extreme hints at mobile UX ranking signals. They added a feature to Webmaster Tools for mobile usability issues and did a ton of mobile interface warning tests. Oh, Google also confirmed toolbar PageRank is dead again and released a new In The News news box that upset a lot of publishers. Finally, it looks like Matt Cutts is not returning in 2014 to Google.The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread is still pretty active talking about all the updates, as many are still rolling out.Here are all the stories you may want to catch up on in the past 30-days related to Google webmaster/SEO topics:Google Penguin 3.0:
Confirmed: Google Penguin 3.0 Released Late Friday Night
Google AutoCorrects: Penguin 3.0 Still Rolling Out & 1% Impact
Google: Penguin 3.0 Update Still Rolling Out Slowly
Google Penguin 3.0 Updating Again?
Google Penguin 3.0 Done Rolling Out

Google Piracy Update:
Google To Update DMCA Algorithm After 26-Months
Google’s DMCA Piracy Algorithm Went Live Last Week

Google Panda 4.1:
Take Our Google Panda 4.1 Poll Below
Google Panda 4.1 Weekend Refresh?

Google Guidelines & Mobile:
Google Guidelines: Blocking CSS Or JavaScript Directly Can Harm Your Rankings
Google: Bad User Experience For Mobile Users May Lead To Ranking Issues
Google Webmaster Tools Adds Mobile Usability Errors
Google Issues Global Warning Of Flash Sites In Mobile Results
Google Mobile Warnings For Flash Sites Rolling Out Globally Now
Google’s Text Version Of Mobile-Friendly Web Pages In Search Results
Google Displaying Not Mobile Friendly Icons In Search Results

Google PageRank Dead:
Google: We Won’t Be Updating Toolbar PageRank

Google News Box:
Google News Box No Longer Just From Google News Sources
Google: Google News Publishers Don’t Get Priority Within The New “In The News” Section
New Publishers Upset With Google’s “In The News” Box

Google SEO Misc:
Google Change Of Address Tool Adds Step-By-Step Process Walk-Through
Google’s New nositelinkssearchbox Meta Tag
Google News Publisher Center Rolls Out In More Countries
Negative SEO Is Real & Google Needs To Fix It
Google Processes Link Disavow Files Automatically, Without Human Review
Google: Don’t Use Hover Menus On Mobile Friendly Sites
Google: Duplicate URLs In The Disavow Is Not An Issue
Why Would Google Show More Indexed Pages Than Submitted Pages In Your Sitemap Report?
Google On Being In Google News As A Search Quality Ranking Signal
Google: Best To Use Both XML Sitemaps & RSS/Atom Feeds With PubSubHubbub
Google: Spam Is A Hard Problem For User Generated Content Platforms
Google: Disavow Bad Links Early & Move On
Google: 30% Of First Page Search Results Contain HTTPS URLs
Google SEO HTTPS Migration Checklist
Google Poland Blog With Keyword Rich Anchor Text To Personal Googlers Blog
Google Webmaster Tools 404 Errors Sorted By Priority

Google Industry:
Would You Let Google Look Over Your Shoulder As You Work?
Matt Cutts Not Returning To Google In 2014: Will He Return In 2015?
Last month’s report is over here.Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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