November 2013 Google Webmaster Report

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There are some murmurs of a possible Google update early this month, but nothing that substantial. That being said, the Mugshot algorithm is new to Google. So is the new image mismatch penalty and Webmaster Tools Security Issues. Plus the news that there will be a 15% reduction in rich snippets, scaring webmasters and SEOs. Here is a categorized list of important changes in the past month or so with Google for webmasters. To see last month’s report, see the October report.Google Updates:

Google Says No To MugShots Web Sites With New Algorithm
Reports Of A Google Update Between November 1st & 5th
Google Penguin After-Dance Going On Now?
SEOs Adapt To Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm

Google Webmaster Tools:

New Google Penalty For “Image Mismatch”
Awesome Google Webmaster Tools Security Issues

Google SEO:

SEOs Get Ready For 15% Reduction In Google Rich Snippets
Google Cites Disavowed Links As Bad Link Examples
Google: Your Disavow File May Not Be Accepted If…
Google Asks App Developers To Provide App Indexing For App Content Discovery
Google Local Maps Spam Invades Knowledge Graph
Rare: Google Admits A Search Result Is Wrong
Google Closing Authorship Project?
You Can Disable Google SSL & Pass Search Referrer Queries

Google’s Matt Cutts:

Google’s Matt Cutts: More Pages Doesn’t Directly Influence Your Search Rankings
Video: Google Matt Cutts Hints At Upcoming SEO Changes At PubCon
SEO: No Option But To Buy Links; Google’s Cutts: That’s A Bad Strategy
Google’s Matt Cutts: That Scraper Isn’t Hurting Your Mom’s Site
Google’s Matt Cutts: Strong vs. Bold Are Treated The Same For Ranking
Google’s Matt Cutts Describes How He Finds Low Quality/Spammy Guest Blogging
Google: Responsive Design Doesn’t Give You A Ranking Boost
Matt Cutts: Spamming Google Gets Harder & Harder
Google’s Matt Cutts: Geo-Location Is Not Spam

Google User Interface:

Google Shows Site Name Instead Of URL Above Title
Google Reminds You That You Recently Searched For Facts
Google Highlights Local Services Areas Within Search Results
Google Adds TV Episodes To Knowledge Graph
Google Bakes In Knowledge Graph With Bacon Number
OK Google Now On iOS Google App: Some Bugs Reported
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