November 2009 Google Webmaster Report

Every month we give you a Google specific update on what webmasters are talking about at WebmasterWorld, complied with the past month of changes we reported, specifically at Google. To see last month’s report, see the October 2009 Google Webmaster report.

This month, via the WebmasterWorld, people are chatting about the following topics:

Crawling deeper, discovering more pages and more links
Universal results adding to, not subtracting to, the number of results on a page
Increase in crawl rates noted on Google Webmaster Tools
Some talk of Caffeine being rolled out by few

Here are the topics we covered here on Google over the past month (I tried to leave out many):

Google October 2009 Toolbar PageRank Update
Maybe a Minor Google Search Update (October 2009)?
Google Removes PageRank Data From Webmaster Tools
Google Labs For Webmaster Tools Launches: Fetch as Googlebot & Malware Details
Google Names My “Deep Sitelinks” as “Forum Sitelinks”
Google Showing Only 7 of 10 Local Results Now
Google Adds “Is This Accurate” To Map Details on Web Search
Google Now Indenting Two Results In Search Results
Google Maps to Fix One Web Box Result Bug
Google Geo Targeting Some UK Sites to France?
Google Search Suggestions Smarter? Abbreviations Working?
Google To Update Webmaster Tools API Verification Tag
Blocking Google Sitelinks Can Take Two Weeks Or More
Google Fixes Webmaster Tools Verification Issue With Google Sites
Google Webmaster Tools Showing Sub-Sitelinks
Google Webmaster Tools Verification Files Now Accepted With Hidden HTML
Google’s “Show More Results” Plus Box
Why Don’t I See ‘Find Similar Images’ in Google Yet?
Google Soon To Allow Cross Domain Canonical Tag: This Is Big
Google Wants To Index AJAX #!
Google Social Search Now Live
Google Asks For Feedback On ‘Fade In’ Home Page
Google Pushes Fading Home Page Test To More, Adds Instructions
Google’s Home Page Instructs: “This Space Intentionally Left Blank”
Google Finally Tries Page Previews

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