No, Google Did Not Refresh Panda Yesterday

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Yesterday I received an unusual number of emails and messages on social media asking me if Google refreshed the Panda or Penguin algorithm yesterday or the day before. The forums were dead, no one was talking about any major changes. So I told those users initially I saw no signs of an update.

But after getting more and more emails and tweets, I decided to just confirm with Google.

Google told me on the record, there was no Panda refresh thus far. They implied is still coming soon but said for sure, it has not refreshed this week – yet.

They would not tell me when it will be refreshed, nor would they comment on if it is tool late to fix your site for this Panda refresh, but they have been saying it is coming soon.

Here are some of the public tweets I can share with you, but the stuff I got via email showed huge drops in traffic from Google (penalty like) but again, the masses would be crying and this was not the case.

@rustybrick @rustybrick penguin is running, there is huge juggle in search results in south africa. Otherwise its google chrome gone mad!!?

— Terry (@Cyber_seo_forum) July 15, 2015

Here is also a public thread at Google Webmaster Help.

I cannot share all the emails I got, and there were many. But like I said, I do not see signs, at this moment, of a Panda refresh. Maybe this was a test and they will be releasing something soon but Google said no Panda update yet.

Instead of me replying to everyone about this, I am posting it here.

As soon as I get confirmation on a Panda update or I see real signs of a Panda update, I will cover it here. So hang on.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.


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