More Signs Of The Google Halloween Zombie Update

On Tuesday, I covered signs up an upcoming update touching down that morning, as well as some Panda signals hitting around October 14th.

Well, the chatter in the community over the past few days, starting around October 20th throughout October 21st and this morning, have been pretty high. And all the automated tracking tools show these signs as well. So besides the chatter I reported on October 20th, let me share screen shots from the tools. shows October 19th spikes:

SERP Metrics shows spikes starting on October 19th and going through today:

Algoroo shows October 21st spikes:

Advanced Web Ranking shows a massive spike on October 20th:

Accuranker shows spikes on the 20th and 21st:

RankRanger shows a huge spike on October 20th and it continuing through today:

Mozcast shows the spikes on October 17th, which none other do.

Now, a lot of these dates depends on the crawl of these tools, when they run, what they analyze, etc. But between the chatter and all these tools lighting up in the past few days, there seems to have been an update of some sorts.

I did ask Google, I have not heard anything on the record about this.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Update: Google said they likely won’t confirm this.


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