May 2016 Google Webmaster Report

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This month was pretty packed with a ton of SEO tips but the big items included many penalties, mostly manual actions. We had product review penalties, rich snippet penalties, clickjacking penalties and more warnings after warnings. Did you know Google sent about 500 manual actions per hour last year? Google told us the next Penguin update may be the last one we get. Google really and fully turned off the PageRank feed we get from the toolbar. Google also updated the quality raters guidelines and update the local rankings document. Google brought back in-depth articles after it going away and extended featured snippets.The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread is relatively calm right now, so not much to report there. Here is the report from last month and here are quick links to catch you all up:Google Penalties:
Google Slaps Mass Manual Actions For Outbound Links Over Free Product Reviews
Google Penalizes Flight Industry Web Sites By Removing Their Rich Snippets
Google Takes Action Against Publishers Who Do Clickjacking
Google Warns Again: We Will Penalize You For Sneaky Mobile Redirects
Google Now Sending Webmasters Deceptive Site / Social Engineering Detected Warnings
Google Webspam Report: Google Manually Penalized 500 Sites Per Hour In 2015
Google: Recover From A Manual Action? You Still May Have To Recover From An Algorithmic Penalty
Should Google Penalize Google Play Podcasts For Link Schemes?
Former Googler On Why Do Some Google Manual Actions Seem Automated

Google SEO:
Google: The Next Penguin Update May Be The Last
Google: When Penguin Begins Rolling Out, We Will Post An Announcement
Google Fully Turns Off Feed To Toolbar PageRank
Google Updated Quality Raters Guidelines Last Week
Google Expands Local Ranking Help Document
Android GoogleBot Smartphone User-Agent Did Go Live This Week
Google On Using Sitemaps For Expediting Redirects: Keep Sitemap Live For 6 Months
Is Google Testing The Penguin 4.0 Algorithm?
Google: Keep Redirects Indefinitely But One Can Remove Them After Google Indexes
Google: Community Through Comments Help A Lot With Ranking
Google: Don’t Worry Too Much About Page Speed
Google Displaying A Featured Snippet From User Generated Comments
Google: Pages Move Around In Shards Very Slowly
Google’s John Mueller Addresses Zombie Traffic Phenomenon
Webmaster See Spike In Google Zombie Traffic
Google: You Can Be Negatively Impacted By One Algorithm & Positively Impacted By Another
Google: Footer Content Is Not Penalized But Not Seen As Primary Content
Google Does Index & Rank Images Title Attribute Tags
Google’s John Mueller On Redirecting vs 404ing Products That No Longer Exist
Even When Former Googlers Reports Spam, It Takes A Long Time To Be Removed
Google: Mixing Mobile Friendly Types (i.e. Responsive, Dynamic Serving & Seperate URLs) On One Site Is Fine
Google’s John Mueller On How They Handle 301, 302, 307 & Other Redirects
Google Showing Site Owner; Your Page Is Not Mobile-Friendly In Search Results
Google Sending Recommended PageSpeed Update Available Notifications
Google: Alt Tags Should Be In The Language Of The Content Of The Page (Localized Alt Tags)
Google’s Paul Haahr On Patents For Learning SEO
Google: Quality Raters Primarily Use Mobile Devices

Google Search Console:
Google Search Console Improves AMP Error Report
Google Search Console API Gets Some Enhancements
Confirmed: Google Is Testing A New Mobile Friendly Test
Sites Registered In Google Search Console Are Much More Likely To Fix Compromised Sites
Unsubscribe From Some Google Search Console Messages

Google User Interface Experiments & Changes:
Google Extended Featured Snippets
Google In-Depth Articles Now Coming Back
RankRanger: Google Featured Snippets Expand To More European Search Results
Google Testing Trending In Search Auto-Complete
New: Google Review Snippets In Local Pack
Google Testing Larger Margins & Spaces Between Search Snippets
Google Testing Very Light Blue Links In Search Results
Google Partner Logo Showing On Profile URLs In Search Results?
Google TV Search Adds Search By Show To Find Channels Or App
Google Prompts Users To Set Home & Work Address On Some Searches
Google News Now AMP Ready
Google: We Tests By Redirecting A Small Percentage Of Traffic, Not Setting Up Test Sites
Google Movie Listings Direct You To Fandango

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