May 2015 Google Webmaster Report

Here is our monthly recap of what is going on with Google over the past month, just in case you missed it.The mobile friendly algorithm is rolled out fully now. There is a lot of speculation over the weekend of a Panda update but Google denied it. Google also said the doorway algorithm launched and there were speculations around Google News ranking changes as well. There has been a lot of confusion around Penguin and Panda, maybe this explains it but Google does feel our pain.In any event, here is a break down of the top Google webmaster stories over the past month:Google Update?
Google Says No Update Over The Weekend
Possible Google Panda Update Over The Weekend?
Small Google Update? Some Reports But Not Strong Enough.
Did Google Update Their Search Algorithm Over The Weekend?
Did Google News Adjust Their Search Ranking Algorithm?
Google: The Doorway Algorithm Did Launch
Google Penguin Turns Three Years Old Today

Google Mobile Algorithm:
Official: Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm Fully Rolled Out But…
Uninstalled Android Apps Now Benefit In Google’s Mobile Search Results
Google: The New Mobile Results Are Completely Rolled Out In Some Data Centers
Google: Only Google’s Core Ten Blue Links Impacted By Mobile-Friendly Algorithm
Google: You Should Not Have A Mobile Sitemap
Google: The Mobile Friendly Algorithm Does Not Affect Your AdWords Quality Score
Google Mobile Friendly Label Not Showing On New Stories Immediately?
SEOs & Webmasters Eagerly Monitor Google Mobile Results On Mobilegeddon Day
Mobilegeddon Is Not Geddon, Google’s Mobile Algorithm Is Not A Web Spam Algorithm
Google: The Mobile Friendly Ranking Algorithm Still On For Tomorrow, April 21st
Google: In The News Box Will Be Impacted By The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm
Google: Brand Searches Unlikely Impacted By Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

Google SEO:
Google: What Is Real Time Versus What Is Manually Pushed With Penguin & Links
Google: It Sucks We Provide Contradictory Information On Penguin & Panda Updates
Google: Panda & Penguin Algorithms Aren’t Updating Data Regularly
Is There Still A Google PageSpeed Ranking Factor?
It’s Official: Google Change Of Address Tool Subdomain Feature
Google: Not All Tag Pages Should Be Blocked From Google’s Index
Video Publishers: Google Wants To Hear From You On Indexing & Ranking
Google: The Site Name Mobile Markup Is A Hint; Don’t Try To Fake It
Google Still Plans On Deprecating The AJAX Crawl Guidelines
Google Replaces Search Queries Reports For Search Analytics In Webmaster Tools For Alpha Users
Google Launches Search Analytics In Webmaster Tools For Some Webmasters

Google Mobile & UI:
Google Officially Drops URLs In Mobile Search Results For Site Name & Breadcrumbs
Emoji Characters Showing On Google Desktop Search Results: Cheers
Google Launches New Search Interface For Slower Mobile Connections
Google May Strip Down Your Web Page On Slower Connections
Google Quietly Drops In Depth Articles Title In Search Results
Google Now Adds 70 New Cards For Your App
Google Now Custom Voice Action Now Live
Google Centers Logo In New Mobile Search User Interface Test
Google Mobile Testing Line Separator Between URL & Description
Google Mobile People Also Search For Feature
Google Tests “People Also Ask” Box In Search Results
Google Tests Colored Dots Instead Of Colored Line BreaksHere is the April 2015 recap.Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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