May 2014 Google Webmaster Report

April was another month chock full of Google webmaster and SEO tidbits. We also suspected at least two updates, FYI, there were some signs of a possible update on May 2nd, although that buzz died down quickly.Google penalized several Japanese link networks, also the guest blog network PostJoint and HARO links came into question. Other than that, a typical month of stuff, again, lots of questions of updates and so forth. I will keep an eye on May 2nd but it seems things have cooled down on that. For last months report see here.Here is the month’s summary:Google Updates:
Google Panda Refresh Or Softer Panda Update?
A Google Update Brewing?

Google Penalties:
Matt Cutts: Google Penalizes Seven Link Networks In Japan
Google Penalizes PostJoint Over Guest Blog Links
Google Penalizing HARO Links? Not Really.

Google Webmaster Topics:
Google Adds Examples For Deceptive Sneaky Redirects
Massive Google Webmaster Tools SSL Warnings?

SEO & Google Matt Cutts Advice:
Google’s Cutts On Big SEO Myths Are…
Google’s Matt Cutts: Anticipate The Query To Better Control Titles In Google
The Head Of Matt Cutts Tells Us The Body Is Important Too
Google’s Matt Cutts On How To Buy Domain Names
Google’s Matt Cutts: The Shirts Rarely Correlate To The Video
Google’s Matt Cutts: Not All Manual Actions Are Ranking Demotions
Google’s Matt Cutts: You’ve Got A Mild Case Of Penguin
Google Says Drop In Crawl Stats For News Sites Is Normal Actions: What Is It?
Google’s Site Removal For HTTPS Will Remove HTTP Version Also
Google: No Limit To The Number Of Links You Can Have On A Page
Google: 410s Are Immediate & 404s Are Delayed For 24 Hours
Google’s Matt Cutts: I Don’t Know 10% Of Your SEO Questions
Google: We Mostly Ignore Web 2.0 Links
Google: Our Algorithms Picked Up On Your Keyword Stuffed Page

Google Features:
Google Business Schema Adds Phone Numbers, Hours & Menus
Full Reviews In Google Knowledge Graph
Google Pushing App Indexing As It Adds 24 More Apps
Google UK Adds In-Depth Articles

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