May 2013 Google Webmaster Report

It has been a pretty busy month over at Google, not much in terms of “official” updates but a lot of discussion about changes on both the algorithm side and user interface side. Plus, we learned a lot from Google comments, videos and responses this month.The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread has the typical chatter around traffic shifts from Google, ranking fluctuations and discussions around seasonal impact of traffic, including the Boston bombing traffic impacts. There is a lot of smaller chatter around minor updates and ranking changes in Google but nothing serious enough to warrant a standalone post about a real update. Maybe borer line.In any event, you can read last month’s recap here and here is a categorized listing of the more important Google Webmaster related topics in the past 30 days or so:Google Update Related:
Exact Match Domainers: Are You Switching Or Improving?
You May Never Recover From Google’s Penguin
Happy Birthday Google’s Penguin Update
A Google Update Brewing?Google SEO:
Google Has Manually Penalized Mozilla
Can User Generated Comments Cause A Google Penalty
Google Now Treating 20 ccTLDs As Generic TLDs
Google: Disavow Links Even If Removed As A Best Practice
Google’s Cutts Say Search Flux Not Meant To Trick SEOs?
Does Google Want SEOs To Overreact?
Google: We Will Index It If It Is Not Spam
Google: Stop Repeating The Same Keyword Over & Over Again
Google: Don’t Redirect All Mobile Users To A Single Page
Google: Pushing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Pages Can Raise A Red Flag
Google Lists 5 Most Common Canonical Mistakes
I Yield To Google: My Paid Links Are NoFollow
My Google Reconsideration Request For Removing Paid Links
My Google Traffic After My Linking Penalty Was Lifted
Does Google Allow Links Through Customer Discounts?
Google: You Don’t Want To Dig Yourself Out Of A Hole
Google’s New hreflang For Multilingual & Multinational Sites
Google: Have Multinational Site Over TLDs? Use hreflang

Google Webmaster Tools:
Watch Out For Google Rich Snippet Hacking
Ignore That Last Google Webmaster Tools Notification: Googlebot CAN Access Your Site
Google’s Targeted Penalty Webmaster Tools Notification
Google Will Send Notifications To WWW & Non-WWW Webmaster Tools Accounts

Google User Interface:
Google Drops Instant Previews Over Low Usage
The Google Non-Profit Knowledge Graph
Google Sub-Sitelinks Are Here
Google Authorship Snippet Drops More By… Link
Google Scholar Removes Search By Discipline
Google: Searches Don’t Use The Related Searches Option
Google: Don’t Hide URLs In Search Results. We Don’t Like It.
Google Now Available For iPhone/iPad
Google Showing “See More Results From…” Less Often Now?Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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