March 2020 Google Webmaster Report

This was one busy month, filled with numerous unconfirmed Google search ranking updates both in web search and local. It is also after March 1st, and the nofollow link change for crawling and indexing is now just a hint but Google said no change. A Google patent application was published that may explain the Medic update. Burberry was spotted with 3D images in Google search – how cool. Google has new FAQ schema guidelines that might require you to do a lot of busy work now. Google Search Console improved the export data files. Google also added redirect validation and reminders to the tool. Google also added a nw reviews snippet set of reports and tools for more debugging and analysis of your reviews in Google. Google Image search dropped the image dimensions on desktop results and added new image licensable metadata. Google Maps celebrated 15 years with a new logo and features; oh and it removed 4 million fake businesses and 75 million reviews last year. Google is also doing a ton of testing.It was a busy month, busy in a different way from the February Google webmaster report.Here are the more important stories over the past 30 days if you want to catch up quickly:Google Algorithm Updates:
Big Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update – Currently Unconfirmed
Day Five & Getting Strong: Big Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Update
Google Responds To February 2020 Update Saying “We Do Updates All The Time”
Google Search Algorithm Update Blip On Monday & Tuesday?
Google Update Chatter Earlier This Week But Sensors Not Triggered
Google Weekend Search Algorithm Ranking Fluctuations & Chatter
Google Local Algorithm Update: February 14th Through Today
Google Local Search Algorithm Update On January 31st?

Google Nofollow Change:
Google Nofollow Change March 1st But Google Says Don’t Expect Any Change Yet
Google: Use rel=sponsored For Affiliate Links If Possible

Google SEO Topics:
Google Patent Related To Medic Update? Website Representation Vector For Classifying Web Sites.
Google: Our Systems Aren’t Looking For EAT But We Hope Our Signals Align To EAT
Google Confirms No Recent Campaign Against Unnatural Links
Burberry Implements 3D Images & AR In Google Search Results
Google FAQ Rich Result Guideline Update: One Markup Per Question Throughout Site
Google Clarifies GoogleBot’s New Useragent Name Usage
Google Processes Link Disavow Files Immediately But Taken Into Account As URLs Are Recrawled
Google: There Are A Variety Of Things We Do To Watch For Wikipedia Vandalism
Example Of How Google Communicates Search Issues Internally
Google Rich Results Test Tool Now Previews How-To Rich Results
Google Penalties Can Reoccur – Your Site Is Not Immune
Google Video On How To Hire An SEO: Old vs New
When John Mueller Of Google Is Frustrated A Site Not Ranking Well
Google: We Still Use PageRank Internally
Google Pagination Tips For Blogs: Use Tags Or Categories
Again, Google Does Not Use BBB Ratings As A Search Ranking Factor
Google Algorithms Do Not Give Shopify Preferential Treatment
Google Increases AMP Custom CSS Limit By 50%

Google Search Console:
Google Search Console Improves Data Exports In A Big Way
Google Change Of Address Tool Adds Redirect Validation & Reminders
Google Search Console Adds New Reviews Snippet Reporting, Tools & Notifications

Google Images:
Google Images To Drop Dimensions Label On Thumbnails & Show Other Labels
Google Image Search Adds New Image License Metadata
Google Writes FAQ For Google Image License Metadata

Google Maps & Local:
Google Maps Celebrates 15 Years: New Maps Icon & Map Features
Google Maps Removed 4 Million Fake Business & 75 Million Local Reviews
Google In Europe Now Shows Other Local Search Providers
Google My Business Products Added Suggested Categories
Google My Business: Keywords In Descriptions Don’t Guarantee Ranking Improvement; But They Could.
Google Says Keywords In Google My Business Descriptions Impacts Local Rankings; Local SEOs Say No
Google Posts Now Supports Multiple Photos & Videos
Google My Business Notifying After Deleting Reviews
New Google My Business Feature: Own This Business? Claim It Now.

Google User Interface:
Google’s Right Hand Side Featured Snippets Are Being Removed But Not Moved To Center
Google Tests New Home Page Design
Google Testing Massive Images In Search Results Again
Google Search Tests New Open Design? Maybe It’s A Bug?
Now Live: Google Featured Snippet Image Carousel?
Google Pairing Knowledge Panels & People Also Search ForForum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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