March 2018 Google Webmaster Report

It has been a pretty busy month in the Google SEO and webmaster world. We had two possible Google algorithm updates, one on February 20th and one on March 1st – both unconfirmed. Google said the mobile first index will expand within the upcoming several weeks. Google also began rolling out multifaceted featured snippets, removed the view image button in image search, launched the people also search for box, killed off the blogsearch ping feature and changed their request indexing feature due to spam and abuse.The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread is still discussing the March 1st update a bit and other ongoing SEO topics. So as you can see, a lot has happened this past month. You can read the more important stories below and also catch up on last month with the February report.Google Algorithm Updates:
Google Algorithm Update Chatter & Signals February 20th
Google Algorithm Update Brewing? Depends Who You Ask.
Google Mobile First Index Expanding Within Next Several Weeks

Google Search:
New Google Multifaceted Featured Snippets Focuses On Multi-Intent Queries
Google Image Search Removes Features Over Getty Images Legal Spat
Google To Make Changes To Image Search For Getty Images & Others
After Months Of Testing, Google Launches People Also Search For Box
Google Defends False, Offensive & Fake Search Suggestions As People’s Real Searches
Google Caught Buying Links Again
Google Blogsearch Ping Going Away, Not That Anyone Used It

Google SEO:
Google Now Requires Higher Resolution Images For AMP Top Stories Carousel
Google Job Schema Adds Markup For Telecommuting
Will Google Search Ranking Algorithms Use Chrome Ad Blocking Signals
Google Page Speed Update & Mobile First Index Are Separate
Google On Reading Level: Write On The Level Of Your Audience
Google: Meta Refresh Redirects Work Fine But Not Recommended
Google: There Is Always Risk Of Losing Rankings When Moving A Site
Google: Again Provide Clear & Consistent SEO Signals
Google: We Do Not Use GS1 Web Markup
Google: GoogleBot Can’t Crawl CSS Custom Properties
Google Not Indexing URLs In Your Sitemap? New Sitemaps Won’t Help
Google: Content Order, Position & Placement Matters
Google To Webmaster: Cut Down On Similar Content Pages
Google: Even Big Sites Aren’t Allowed To Sell Or Buy Links
Google Adds SEO Audits To The Lighthouse Chrome Extension

Google Search Console:
Google: We Changed Request Indexing Limits & Quotas Over Spam & Abuse
Google Drastically Changes Crawl Limits In Search Console
Google Confirms: There Are Limits On Request Indexing Feature In Search Console
The Google Request Indexing Quota Seems To Be Enforced
Did Google Search Console Remove The Request Indexing Quota?
New Google Search Console To Make Property Sets Easier
Google: Some Old Features Won’t Be In New Google Search Console
Google To Port All Old Search Console Features To New Version
Google Fetch As Google Tool Renders Hash Bang URLs
Google Posts Note Of Crawl Stats Report Bug
Google Search Console Message: Fix Long Page Titles
Bug? Google Search Console Time Spent Downloading A Page Metric Drops.
Google Search Console Indexed, Low Interest Filter Is Gone
Google Search Console Notice: Provide A Manifest & High Resolution Favicon
Google Search Console AMP Reporting Error With Major Content Mismatch

Google Local:
Google My Business Wants To Know When Did Your Business First Open
Google Local Panel Adds Mall Directories SearchForum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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