March 2016 Google Webmaster Report

This may be one of the largest set of links in my Google monthly recaps ever. Truth is, there weren’t any major algorithm shifts, but lots of medium to small things that need to be mentioned.We did see a potential Google update but it was not Penguin – at least not yet. We may have learned something new about Panda as well. I should add that the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread has some vibrations of chatter from the update I mentioned above.The big news was AMP went live in Google but it is not yet a ranking signal. Google did penalize a Japanese link network, told us they act on 65% of user generated spam reports and Google was caught buying a link for Chrome ;-). On the ad side, Google dropped the right ads is testing carousels like crazy and referrer spam seems to have died down.Finally, The Google Dance rocked even if Google doesn’t have an SEO partner program. And it is sad to see Amit Signhal retire from Google this past month.Here is the recap and you can see last month’s over here.Google Updates & Algorithms:
Google Search Update Sign? Seeing Some Early Signs
Google Panda Continuous Update But Gets Prepared Between Roll Outs?
Google: No Announcement Dates On Penguin 4.0 Launch
Google Changes Penguin Messaging To “As Soon As It Is Ready”
Google Penguin 4.0 Still On Target For Q1? I Don’t Know Says Google
Google’s Gary Illyes: I’m Done Estimating Penguin 4.0 Launch Dates

Google AMP:
Google AMP Goes Live Now
Google: AMP Not A Ranking Signal Yet
Google Reserves News Carousel For AMP Pages Only
Google Is Strongly Embracing AMP Everywhere There Is Content
Google Sends Notices To Fix Errors On Your AMP Pages
Top Stories With AMP Section Added To Structured Data Google Developer Docs
Google Adds AMP Webmaster Help Forum

Google Webmaster & Spam:
Google Japan Issues Link Network Penalties
Google: 65% Of User Generated Spam Reports Are Acted On
Google Gives Update On Crawling JavaScript Sites & Progressive Web Apps
Google: We Did Not Remove The Link Command/Operator
Yes, Google Has A Hacked Spam Site Takeover Issue In US Results Also
Review Stars Returning To Google Search Results
Google Chrome Caught Buying Paid Links For $350,000?
Google’s Chrome Link Was Nofollowed & Discounted
Google Now Blocks Sites With Deceptive Download Buttons
Google Indexes PDF Documents But Refreshes Them Slowly
Google: Features Snippets Not Counted Separately In Search Console Reports
Google Explains Why The Search Console Reporting Is Not Real Time
Social Engineering Content Detected Google Search Console Notifications
Google Data Change: Internal Index Updates For Mobile Apps Only
Google Major Spam Problems Notification Replaces Pure Spam Notification
Google Incorrect Hreflang Implementation Notifications Sent Out Yesterday
Google Spam Squad On Polish Hacker’s Trail Over Vapor URLs
I Want A Google No Date/Timestamp Penalty
Knowledge Graph Clicks Not Counted In Google Search Console
Google Officially Adds JSON-LD Support For Reviews & Products Structured Data Markup
Google Spammy Structured Markup Manual Actions Spike Due To WordPress Recipe Plugins
Google Adds One Click Verify For My Business Listings Through Search Console
Tell Google Why You Want More Data In Search Console Analytics #moredataSAN

Google User Interface Changes:
Google Confirms Four Ads At The Top & Removing Right Side Ads
Test: Google Local Business Cards With Animated GIFs In Search Results
Google Elections On The Issues Quick Answers For Trump, Clinton, Sanders & More
Google Organic Results Showing Phone Number & Phone Icon
Google Send To Phone Feature Now On Local Knowledge Graph Panel

Google Tidbits:
Paul Haahr: Position 10 In Google Gets More Clicks Than Positions 8 Or 9
Google Working On Conversational Shopping
Google: Crawl Rate Increases Are Not Related To Algorithm Updates
Google: We Don’t Want To Clutter The Search Results With Too Many Rich Snippets
Google Knowledge Graph Edits By Owner Happen Quickly
Google Analytics Referrer Spam Issue Decreasing?
Google Now Offering Google Certified Partners For SEO?
Google: No, We Don’t Have An SEO Partner Program
The Google Dance Was About Webmaster Relations
Amit Singhal, The Head Of Google Search To Retire But Why?Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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