March 2013 Google Webmaster Report

Sorry for the delay in our monthly Google webmaster recap but here it is and there is a lot to summarize. The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread as always has a beat on what is going on. Lots of chatter asking where is the next Panda update, lots of discussion around ranking fluctuation in the past few days. As you know, it seems like Google penalized a link network yesterday. Google also went after advertorial links this past month. Of course, Google released the how search works, which has a nice amount of treats for webmasters.That being said, here are the top stories related to Google and webmasters this past month:Google Penalties:
Google Penalizes Another Link Network: SAPE Links
Google Dishes Out Widespread Penalties For Advertorials
Advertorial Spam = 11 Day Google Penalty For Interflora
SEOs Want Bad Link Reporting In Google Webmaster Tools
Google Search How:
What SEOs Love Most About Google’s “How Search Works”
A Search Engine To Search For Sites Manually Penalized By Google
Matt Cutts: 301 Redirects Dilute PageRank Equally To Normal Links
Google’s Philosophy On Manually Removing Spam
Google’s Publisher Quality Enforcer On User Generated Content & AdSense
Google Images:
Google Image Search Traffic Drops 80% Since Redesign
Google Images Adds Try These Too
Google Webmaster:
A Google Penalty Removal Leads To Less Google Traffic?
Google Appending Brand In Front Of Search Results Title
How To Leverage Search Queries Data Within Google Webmaster Tools
More Language Support Comes To Google Data Highlighter
Google: Don’t Let Bad Sites On Your Domain Name
Types Of Google Webmaster Notifications
Google Cautions On HTML5 Block-Level Links Usage
Google Index Status Report Updated Weekly
Google Removes “Not Selected” Within Google Webmaster Tools Index Status
Cutts: Google Toolbar PageRank Will Continued To Be Supported
Matt Cutts Explained Referer SpamOf course, here is the February 2013 Google webmaster report if you missed it.Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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