March 2011 Google Webmaster Report

It has been a very busy month, I believe the busiest month since doing these monthly Google webmaster recaps. As most of you know, I summarize the past month of Google changes as they related to SEO and web search concerns. It is often based off an ongoing WebmasterWorld thread.

This month, the thread has been dominated by the Farmer Update. But it is easy to forget with all that is going on that there were some other major webmaster related occurrences this month in relation to Google.

The month had a few themes:

(1) Farmer/Panda Update
(2) Big Brand Penalties
(3) User Interface & Feature Updates

Below is a break out of our stories in those three categories, followed by a miscellaneous category for other SEO topics related to Google in the past month. And don’t forget, you can also see the February 2011 Google report to get up to speed.


Google: Remove Low Quality Content If You Were Impacted By Farmer/Panda
I’m Hit! Get Your Google Rankings Back After Farmer/Panda
How to Regain Your Rankings After the Farmer Update
SEOs Chew On Wired’s Interview With Cutts & Singhal On Farmer Update
What’s Your Name? Farmer Or Panda?
Was Google Too Hasty with the Farmer Update? SEO’s Discuss Good & Bad
Google Accidentally Label Your Site As A Content Farm? Get Help Here
Shocking: Google To Tweak Content Farm Algorithm
Poll: Were You Impacted By The Google Farmer Update?
Google Farmer Update Support Groups
Google’s Farmer Update Live: 12% Of Google’s Results Forever Changed
Google Warns Of “Big Changes Here Very Shortly”
Correction: Google’s Scraper Algorithm Now Live, Not Content Farms
Google’s Content Farm Algorithm Harm You? Categorize Your Site To Fix It.
Confirmed: Google’s Content Farm Algorithm Live! Sites Are Dropping!
Google’s Next Target: Content Farms & On Page Spam

Big Brand Penalties:

SEOs Discuss The J.C. Penney Public Google Penalty
Google Penalizes Forbes For Selling Links, Again’s Great Rankings Got Them Penalized In Google

User Interface & Features:

Google Social Search Results Now More Integrated
Google Adds Recipe View
Google’s New Navigation Bar Rolling Out

Misc SEO/Webmaster:

Google: Exploring User Feedback As Ranking Signal Via Chrome Extension
Google Penalty Removals Happen Two Ways: Manually & Algorithmically
Google Not Listening To Your Title Tag? You’re Not Alone
IPv6 Support Coming To Google Webmaster Tools
Google Planning Tighter Integration Between Webmaster Tools & Analytics
SEO Company Badmouthed In Google Forum But What Happens Next Is Strange
Na Pohybel Janas: A Google Search Hack?
SEO Test: HTML Attributes Such As Titles, ALTs, Links, Anchors & More
Google Removing News Sites But Can’t Say Why
Google’s Example Of Improved Spam Quality On Google Search Leaves Us Wanting More

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