June 2019 Google Webmaster Report

It is always nice to look back at the month and see how much has changed over the last 30 days, that is why I like doing these monthly Google webmaster reports. This month was super busy as well with a confirmed core update with many unconfirmed updates – and Google hinted there was a Medic update. Evergreen GoogleBot launched, we had more indexing issues, a new quality raters guidelines was published, more structured markup and Search Console features were released. Oh yes, and the Favicons redesign that is getting a lot of attention.There is just a tremendous amount that is pushed out each and every month. Currently, the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread is discussing the core update.Here is a summary of the bigger stories this past month, and to catch up on last month read here.Google Search Algorithm:
Google June 2019 Core Search Algorithm Update Now Rolling Out
Google Rolling Out June 2019 Core Search Ranking Update Tomorrow
Google Search Algorithm Update Signals Around May 9th
Early Signs Of A Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update
Was There A Google Search Algorithm Update Around May 22nd?
Google: No Changes With Search Algorithm Or Infrastructure
Google Implies It Got Better At Judging Quality Of Medical Sites
Google Search Quality In Romania & Other Countries Being Worked On
Google Algorithm Updates & Data Refreshes Are Different Systems

Google Indexing & Crawling:
GoogleBot Runs Latest Chrome – This Is Big News
More Details On Evergreen GoogleBot: Two Waves, Old User Agents & More
Google Rolled Out The New GoogleBot Over Several Months
Google: Our Indexing Issues Fully Resolved – Really
Google Fixed The Indexing Issue Again & Again
Confirmed: New Google Indexing Issue Unrelated To Previous One
Google Can Now Index The Web Again
Google Stopped Indexing The Web?
Google: New GoogleBot & Indexing Bugs Unrelated
Google To Index New Web Sites Using Mobile-First Indexing By Default
Google To Notify Old Sites Not On Mobile-First Indexing But Maybe Not New Sites
Google May Have Fixed The Cache Page Delay
SEO Test Proves New GoogleBot Is Live
Google Testing New Beta Versions Of Chromium On GoogleBot

Google SEO:
Google Updates The Search Quality Raters Guidelines After 10 Months
Google Officially Launches FAQ & How-To Structured Data Markup
Google Code Lab Supports Structured Data, Single Page Apps & Dynamic Rendering
Google: POST Requests Use More Crawl Budget Than GET Requests
GoogleBot Supports Simple POST Requests
Google Can Crawl Web Workers That Schedule Work Immediately
Google: The Indexing API Is Only For Job Posting & Live Stream Structured Data
Google: Two Web Sites Out Of One Won’t Result In Twice As Much Visibility
Google SEO Myth Busting Video On GoogleBot
Google’s First SEO Mythbusting Video Didn’t Have Mythbusting
Google: No Need To Block Pieces Of Content From GoogleBot
Google Won’t Show Content Hidden Within Tabs In Search Snippets
Google: Top Three Things A Developer Can Do For Search Rankings Doesn’t Include Links
SEOs: Here Is What Is Coming To Google Image Search That Matter

Google Search Console:
Google Search Console Won’t Be Impacted By The Latest Indexing Bug
Google Search Console Speed Report Will Be Slow To Come
Google Search Console New Speed Report
Google Rich Results Test Adds Mobile vs Desktop Feature To Compare Page Parity

Google Features:
Google Mobile Search Redesign Live: Favicons & Ad Label Blending
SEOs Enjoying Google’s Favicon Mobile Search Results Interface
Google Already Penalizing Favicons In Search
Google Hints That Favicon Removals From Search May Be Automated
Time For Google To Update Your Favicon In Search?
Google Local Pack Ad Label Feels Even More Subtle
Google Tests More Results Button On Desktop Search Results Page
Google Top Stories To Add News Timelines, Search & Play Podcasts & More
Google Search Adds 3D Objects With AR Support
Live: Google 3D Objects With AR Support In Search
Google Search Weirdness: Hmm… the results for your search don’t seem very relevant
Google Chrome Omnibox Image Thumbnails In Search Suggestions

Google Local:
Google Lets Restaurants & Customers Add/Edit Popular Dishes
Google Tests Local Pack Carousels Again
Google Shows Green Map Pins For Local Pack Ads
Google My Business Tests Design & Layout Update

Other Google:
Change Of Plan: Google Images Not Changing Referral URL
Google To Produce More Q&A SEO Videos #AskGoogleWebmasters
Danny Sullivan Presents Webmaster & SEO Complaints At Google Ranking Fair
15 Google Webmaster Conferences In India Coming Soon
Brian White, A Lead Spam Fighter Leaves GoogleForum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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