June 2017 Google Webmaster Report

Over the past month we had a very volatile Google search ranking landscape. The whole month, the rankings and algorithms seemed to have not kept still at all. It wasn’t a massive update in my opinion, but the shuffles have kept the SEO community unnerved. Outside of that, Google told us they may release the mobile first index in batches and they have no plans to release a sandbox preview of it. Google warned us not to guest blogging for links, again. They also said there is a difference between links from spammy sites and unnatural links. Google officially dropped support for using DMOZ descriptions in the search results. We also had a ton of user interface tests. It has been a busy month.The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread is still chattering about the ranking changes in Google.Here are the important stories over the past month:
Google Algorithms & Updates:
Was There A Google Algorithm Update Starting On Wednesday?
Google Search Ranking & Algorithm Shifts Still Underway
Theories On Google Algorithm Update & Changes Last Week
Google: Our Algorithms Share Data With Other Algorithms
Google Image Search Adds Quick Filters For GIFs, Latest, Clip Art & Colors
Google Confirms Jobs For Search Is Rolling Out
Google Now Helps You Find Events

Google SEO:
Google May Release Mobile First Index Slowly In Batches
Google: No Plans For Mobile-First Index Test Sandbox Preview
Google Warns: Don’t Do Article Creation For Links
Google: The Guest Post Link Warning Was Just A General Reminder
Google: We May Automatically Nofollow Widget Links
Google: There’s A Difference Between Links From Spammy Sites & Unnatural Links
Google: You Can Get Unnatural Links From Good Sites & Natural Links From Spammy Sites
Google Stops Support For NOODP Robots Directive & Taking DMOZ Description
Google Fetch & Render Better Than Cache
Google: Nofollow Does Not Burn Crawl Budget
Google Crawls 404s After Other Pages So No Crawl Budget Is Sacrificed
Google: Dynamic Breadcrumb Trails Isn’t Spam
Google Again: There Was No Sandbox…
Google: SEO Over Optimization Can Eventually Hurt Your Rankings
Google: We Do Understand Our Highly Complex Algorithms
Google’s New Workgroup For JavaScript & Search
Google: Try To Use Anchor Text & Image Alt Text
Google: Geotargeting Promotes But Hreflang Does Not Promote A Site/Page
Google: Not Trying 404 Pages Isn’t A Sign Of Crawl Issues
Google: There Is Not Limit To How Many Times A URL Can Show On First Page
Google: No, Not All Ads Above The Fold Are Bad
Google Drops Some Top Carousels For “Best” Or “Top” Like Queries
Google Updated Quality Raters Guidelines Earlier This Month

Google Search Console:
Google Search Console Rewords “Other Resources” To “Web Tools”
Google To Add JavaScript Rendered Code In Fetch & Render Tool
Google Not Releasing Featured Snippets Search Analytics Filter?
Google Search Console Search Analytics Not Getting Advanced Filters Soon
Google: The Search Console API Uses Same Data As Web Portal
Google Search Console API & Web Total Numbers

Google Local & Maps:
Google Maps Ads Are Popping Up Now?
Google My Business Adds Photos Notifications
Google Hotel Search Rolls Out Pricing Trends Graph
Google Maps Local Panel Tests Highlight Icons

Google User Interface Tests:
Google Tests Dropping The Featured Snippet Result From Core Results?
Google Adds Personal Tab To Search Filters
Google Tests A More Colorful Black Search Results Design
Google Black Design Tests Now With Blue Bars
Google Tests Gray & Green URLs For Snippets On Same Page?
Google Tests New People Also Search For Carousel Interface
Google Testing Large Arrows For Search Results Pagination Controls?
Google Tests “On This Page” Buttons In Search Results Snippets
Google Tests Clickable Hotel Prices In Map View
Google AdWords Tests Expand Out Carousel Price Extensions
Google Tests Removing Pricing From Hotel Listing Results
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