June 2016 Google Webmaster Report

It is that time of the month again for me to post the monthly Google Webmaster report. There was a lot covered but not anything really that major, at least on the algorithmic side.We had the updated mobile friendly algorithm go live last month, although, I have not seen any complaints about it. Google did give us a status update on Penguin, but we don’t feel any closer to it now anyway. Google dismissed an algorithm update and I have not seen any really in a while. Google did say the page speed for mobile is coming soon, so that is good to hear. Also, I am excited to learn more about this real time indexing API.Google has been busy testing larger width SERP layouts and also card style layouts on desktop. They even tested black instead of blue links in the snippets. Google Search Console got a lot of love this past month with deeper Google Analytics integration, a sets feature to combine properties and many more filtering options in the reporting. We also have new testing tools for mobile friendly and structured data.That was the past month or so in what we covered in Google.Of course, the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread still has talks on Zombies but not much else.Here is the report from last month and here are quick links to catch you all up:Google Rankings & Algorithms:
Google Fully Launches The New Mobile Friendly Update
Google Status Update On Penguin: It’s Closer & Hopeful Not Too Far Off
Google Dismisses Any Recent Major Algorithm Update
Are The SEO Weather Tools Off Again On Algorithmic Changes?
Google: Weather Tracking Tools Are Not Statistically Relevant
Google: Most Algorithm Updates Go Unnoticed
Google To Use Mobile Page Speed In Mobile Friendly Ranking Algorithm Soonish
Google Sending Unexpected Foreign Traffic To Web Sites?
Google: We’re Testing A Real Time Indexing API

Google Search & Interface:
Google Handles Trillions Of Searches Per Year
Correction: Of Google’s 100 Billion Queries Per Month, Over 10 Billion Are Voice Queries
Google Explains The Larger Widths & Spacing In Google Is An Experiment Only
Google Testing Card Snippets On Desktop Search Results
Is Google Launching The More Spacious Search Results User Interface?
Google Testing Black Instead Of Blue Links In Search Results
Now Live: Image Thumbnail In Google Food Search Results
Google Now With A Carousel For Reddit
Google Shares AMP Growth Rate & Expands To Recipes & iOS & Android Apps
Google Adds Hotel Reviews From Other Sources
Google Now Lets You Search Using Emojis
Gboard, Google’s iOS Keyboard That Brings Search Into Every App On Your iPhone

Google SEO:
Google’s Advice On DMCA Pirate Algorithm Penalty
Google: It’s Rare I’d Recommend You Start A New Site After A Penalty
Google: Fewer But Higher Quality Pages Leads To Higher Quality Traffic From Google
Google’s Gary Illyes On Crawl Budget, Scheduling & Host Load
Google: There Is No Way To Redirect A Penalized Site Safely
Google: hreflang Doesn’t Improve Your Search Rankings
Google Comments Again On External Links & Ranking Benefit
Google Showing Promotion Schema In Rich Snippets, Really?
Google: We Don’t Care About Underscores Vs. Dashes In URLs
Google: What Faceted Navigation Should You Show Google To Index
Google: Schema & Rich Snippets Updates Immediately After Recrawl & Index
Google: Info Command Will Show You The Canonical Version In Google’s Index
Google: We May Rank Duplicate Content Across Domains When…
Google AMP Adds Accordions & More But Will Google Rank Content In Accordions?
Google Firebase App Indexing Adds More Documentation & Analytics
Google Search Console Checks For Apple Universal Links For App Association
Google: Here Is How Webmaster Forums Escalation Works
Google News To Promote Local Publishers With Local Source Tag
Google’s Gary Illyes: I’m Angry News Sites Don’t Link Out, It’s Stupid

Google Search Console:
Google Analytics Vastly Improves Search Console Integration
Google Search Console Search Analytics Let’s You Combine Properties Into Sets
Google Search Console Add Rich Cards Section
Proof: Featured Snippets & Rich Results Filters Coming To Google Search Analytics
Google Search Console Adds AMP To Search Analytics
Goodbye Content Keywords Report In The Google Search Console
Google Search Analytics Report Update: Now Includes Knowledge Panel, Rich Snippets & Local
Google’s New Simple Tool For Mobile Friendliness & Page Speed
Check Out Google’s New Mobile Friendly Testing Tool
Google Redesigns Structured Data Testing Tool
Google Hiring A Webmaster Trends Analysts; You Can Be The Next John MuellerForum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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