June 2015 Google Webmaster Report

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This month was pretty busy with Google organic changes that are important to summarize for you all.First up, Google admitted there was a Google update on and around May 1st after denying it. John Mueller said Google is working on faster Pandas and Penguins, again. Also, Google explained again why those algorithms may be both real time and not.There was a massive local search change this month, Google denied it and then a day or two later, things returned to normal. They also may have slapped webmasters with manual actions earlier this month.Google renamed Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console, brought App Indexing to iOS Apps, added reporting for app indexing to the console and there may have been a rich snippet reduction.Google also promised to drop emojis but they are still there. Did you see the Google Penalty server? Oh, and Matt Cutts was replaced at Google.Anyway, a lot more, see the most important topics below:Google Update:
Google: Yes, There Was A Google Update Early This Month.
Google’s Animated GIF Reaction To What’s Up With The Search Fluctuations
Google’s John Mueller: Working On Making Penguin & Panda Run Faster, Again
Google: Panda & Penguin Are In Real Time But Still Require Manual Data Updates

Google Local Search:
Google Local Search Results Update; Massive Ranking Changes
Google: We Are Looking Into The Location Bugs
Google Fixes Local Search Problems?
Google Maps Racists Results Lead To Googlebomb Fix & Apology
Google Takes Down Map Maker After Embarrassing Google Maps Hacks

Google Search Console & App Indexing:
Google Slaps Mass Manual Actions For Thin Content Over Weekend
Google Webmaster Tools Now Known As Google Search Console
iOS Support Finally Comes To Google App Indexing
Google App Indexing Now In Search Analytics & Fetch As Google In Google Search Console
Google Discontinues Webmaster Tools (Search Console) App Stats Emails
Google May Add Answer Box Data & Tools To Webmaster Tools

Google SEO:
Another Mass Reduction In Google Rich Snippets?
Check Out The Google Penalty Server
Google Will Drop Emoji’s From Search Results So Stop Wasting Your Time
Google: Automated Action Viewer Not Coming Any Time Soon
Google Diagnosing Algorithmic Penalties In Real Time
Google: Here Is Why The Mobile Friendly Algorithm Didn’t Feel That Big
Only 11% Said There Were Traffic Changes Since Google’s Mobile Friendly Update
Google: We Will Improve Our Mobile Friendly Algorithm & Add Mobile Page Speed
Google: Just To Be Clear, There Is No Desktop UX Ranking Factor
Google: UX Will Never Be More Important Than Content For Ranking
Google: Priority & Change Frequency In Sitemap Doesn’t Play Much Of A Role
Google Actively Working To Get Better At Language Support For Search Quality

Misc Google:
Google Mobile Search Officially Gets Tweets From Twitter
Google Now On Tap: Expanding Google Now Through App Indexing
Google Has Replaced Matt Cutts As Head Of Web SpamFor last months recap see this post.Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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