June 2014 Google Webmaster Report

May was an incredibly busy month for Google SEO related topics, specifically seeing Panda 4.0 roll out, the Google Spam algo being updated, press release sites taking a dive and several unconfirmed updates that Google wouldn’t talk about.

We also saw eBay get slapped, a popular site named MetaFilter talk about their Google penalty and a Nest competitor call out Google.

So it was a busy month!

Here is a recap by category, if you want to catch up quickly:

Google Panda 4.0:

Google Panda 4.0 Now Rolling Out; A New Panda Algorithm
Google’s Matt Cutts: Panda 4.0 Has A New Architecture With A Softer Side…
Poll: How Did Google’s Panda 4.0 Impact You?
Press Release Sites See Huge Drop In Google Ranking After Panda 4.0
Google Spam Algorithm 2.0:
Google Spam Algorithm Version 2.0 Released Over Weekend
Not Confirmed Google Updates:
Google May Be Pushing Out A New Update: Possibly Penguin?
Google Algorithm & Ranking Shifts On Fire This Month
Google: Nothing To See Here, No Update Going On…
Google Preparing Large Update? Shifts On May 2nd & 7th
Google Penalty Topics:
eBay Slapped By Google: But Was It Algorithmic Or Manual?
Google’s Matt Cutts: We’ve Been Discussing The MetaFilter Google Penalty
Google’s Matt Cutts: It’s Silly To Think We Penalize Vivint Because It Competes With Nest
SearchMetrics Shows Expedia’s Google Traffic Return, But Did It Ever Drop?
Google Videos & SEO Topics:
Google’s Matt Cutts Looks Back & Shares His Webspam Regrets…
Google’s Matt Cutts: Links Still Have Many Years Left In Them But…
Matt Cutts: Google May Treat The Same Subdirectories As Unique
Matt Cutts Likes Duane Forrester’s Example Of Good Links: Unknown Links
Google: Authorship Still Not Used For Rankings
Google: In 2009 We Selected Only One Of Your Anchor Text When…
Google’s Cutts On Content Without Links
Google: Why You Get Link Removal Threats
Google: Forum Link Drops Can Get You In Trouble
Google: Even Old But Active Manual Actions Will Show In Google Webmaster Tools
Google: If Content Isn’t Changed, Manual Actions Won’t Be Removed
Google: Short Content Is Not Low Quality Content
Google’s Official Advice On Home Page Handling For International Users
Google Drops Amazon’s Rich Snippets From Search Results
Google: We Currently Treat New TLDs As gTLDs
Google Webmaster Tools:
Google Webmaster Tools Adds Block Resources Debug With Fetch & Render
AJAX Hash Bang URLs No Longer Work In Fetch As Google Tool
Google App Indexing Now Supports Other Languages
Google Legal Issues:
European Court Requires Google To Delete Personal Info: Reputation Management Just Got Easier
Here Is How To Remove Content From Google Via Google’s Right To Be Forgotten Form

Also check out the previous month at the May 2014 Google Webmaster Report.

Forum discussion continued at WebmasterWorld.

This post was scheduled to be posted today but was written at an earlier point in time. The author is not around on June 4th or 5th to respond to comments.


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