June 2013 Google Webmaster Report

In the past month, we had a major Penguin update, Google went after a link network, likely TLA, Matt announced ten SEO changes coming down the pipe and made a clear stance on advertorials.It was a busy month to say the least and now I am seeing more than normal chatter around a possible Google update. I’ll probably write about that right after I submit this post, so stay tuned. Update, here is the post on a possible Google update.I’ll summarize the key posts specific to webmaster related Google topics below. But to see last month’s summary, go here.Google Update:
Google Pushed Out The Major Penguin Update (v2.0 #4)
Google Penguin 2.0 Goes Deep – But What Does That Mean?
Poll: Were You Affected By Google Penguin 2.0?
Your Rankings Drop Around May 15th? May Be Due To Link Networks Google Busted
Google’s Matt Cutts: Text Link Ads Link Sellers Targeted
Google Site Command Temporary Issue Due To Domain Clustering
A Google Update Is Happening (Google: Nothing To Announce Now)
Matt Cutts On 10 New SEO Changes At Google In Next Few Months
Google To Soften The Panda Algorithm
Google Subject Specific Authority Ranking
Google: The Spammy Queries To Get Less Spammy

Google Links:
Google’s Cutts: Nofollow Links In Advertorials Or Else!
Google Slaps Sprint For Spammy Community Forum
Have Links To Disavow? Google Says Google Webmaster Tools Link Report Is Enough?
Google: Use The Disavow Tool Like A Machete & Not Fine-Toothed Comb

Google SEO:
Google’s Matt Cutts: Negative SEO Extremely Rare
Google’s Cutts: Your Ugly Face Didn’t Hurt Your Rankings, Penguin Did.
Google Shares Insight Into Content Removal: 404s Confirmation & More
Google: Your UGC Content May Have Triggered Panda

Google Search Features:
Video: Google Conversational Search In Action
Search Google & Get Google Now Reminders
Google Drops The “Translated Foreign Pages” Search Filter
Google SMS Search Discontinued Without Warning

Google Webmaster Tools:
Google (Rich Snippets) Structured Data Markup Helper Tool
6 New Data Types Now Supported By Google’s Data Highlighter Rich Snippet Tool

47% Won’t Proactively Disavow Links In Google
35% Will Block Google Images In Protest Of Change
One Year Later, Only 9% Claim Google Penguin Recovery
57% Don’t Fear Google’s Disavow Link Tool
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