July 2015 Google Webmaster Report

We didn’t have any official search quality algorithmic updates this past month, but Google did admit to a core algorithmic update which was pretty big in our books. Google keeps promising a Panda update soon, they promised it over and over again this past month. Maybe we will see it in July? We also learned more about Google’s long term plans on Panda and Penguin.Google Capital funded Thumbtack got a Google penalty, which was reversed within a week. This caused many to call foul but Google hinted it was a great reconsideration request.Emojis are gone from Google after months. Google was caught powering Yahoo Search and Matt Cutts extended his leave until 2016.Here is a link to last months recap and a summary of the key stories for the past 30-days or so:Google Algorithm Related
Google Core Algorithm Change: Not Panda, Not Penguin & Not HTTPS
Google Update Happening? Maybe Panda About To Kick Off?
Google: Panda Refresh Not Likely Happening On July 4th Weekend
Google: Panda Algorithm Refresh Still Coming Soon
Google Cricket Update This Weekend?
Early Signs Of A Google Update In German Regions?
That Google Update May Have Benefited News Or Fresh Content Sites
The Mysterious Faster Google Penguin & Panda Algorithm
Google: The Panda Refresh Coming Really Soon
Google: Penguin Will Run & Refresh In Real Time One Day

Google Webmaster & Spam:
Google Reverses The Thumbtack Link Penalty, Rankings Return
Google: Great Reconsideration Requests Get Processed Fast; Hints At Thumbtack
Thumbtack Apologizes After Google Penalty; Asking For Link Removals From Businesses
Google Asks Webmasters: Do You Want To Compare Sites In Google Search Console
Google Search Console Upgrades Help Feature
Google’s New Search Console Promotion Video
Google Search Console Won’t Associate Hyphen Domains For Apps Indexing
Google: No Comment On What Triggers Manual Action Penalty Reviews
Google: We Do Take Action On Black Hat Spam In Spammy Niches
Video: The Full Recording Of Danny’s Interview With Google’s Gary Illyes
The Dreaded Google Reconsideration Request Response
Google: We Make Thousands Of Updates To Search Algorithms Each Year

Google SEO:
Google Calls Them Featured Snippets, Knowledge Cards & Live Results
Google: We Remove Your Rich Snippets For Spammy Structured Markup Penalties
Google’s Spammy Structured Markup Manual Action Lead To Ranking Decline?
Google: Flash Game Sites Often Not Seen As High Quality
Google Crawl Limit Per Page: 10 Megabytes
Google: Your SEO Spam May Come To Bite You Years Later
Expedited Indexing For New Content: Google Recommends PubSubHubbub Still
Google PSA: Don’t Add Noindex Directives In Your Body Content
Google News Now Enables Image Selection For Publishers Via Schema Or og:image
Google: Don’t Nofollow Good Links On Your Web Site
Google: Your URLs Should Be In Your Contents Language
Google Breadcrumbs Documents Explains Handling Multiples
Google Breadcrumbs Docs Updated But Don’t Expect Hyperlinks To Return
Google: Implementing HSTS Without HTTPS Support Can Cause Issues
Google’s Site Name Markup Not Supported For Subdomains
Businesses; Update Your Business Hours Or Google Maps Might Tell Your Customers To Turn Around
Google: Traffic From Search A Quality Indicator? Not Necessarily.
Google: We Treat 429 Error Code & 503 Error Code Equally

Google User Interface:
Emojis No Longer In Google’s Desktop & Mobile Search Results
Google Didn’t Get Rid Of All Emojis In The Search Results
Google Testing New Local Mobile Interface On Desktop
Google Search Image Carousel Adds Pinterest, Vines, Houzz & Food Network
Google “Slow To Load” Label
Hotel Amenities Now On Google’s Knowledge Graph
Google Search With Blue Navigation Links, Not Red Links?
Google Refreshes The Google Cache Page

Google Industry:
Yahoo Search Testing Google Results Over Bing
Google Isn’t Paying Matt Cutts But He Is Still On Leave Through End Of 2015
Google To Honor “Revenge Porn” Removal Requests, Like Other Sensitive Removal Requests
Google’s John Mueller Looking Up Despite The Critiques

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