July 2011 Google Webmaster Report

Here is this month’s recap of everything you need to know about in terms of Google that related to search and SEO. As always, this post is based on an ongoing WebmasterWorld thread where SEOs and webmasters obsess over every little change they see at Google. Plus, I include the most important and related posts we have on this site over the past month since our last report, which in this case was the June Google Webmaster report.The main items being discussed in the thread include a possible update happening right now. Some are suspecting an update to Panda, maybe Panda 2.3 or maybe just normal Google shuffling. Right now it is a bit too early to tell if it is Panda or something else. There is also so early chatter about normal shuffles you’d see being talked about in a thread like that. Some webmasters are saying Google is assigning too much weight to title tags. Finally, there is an unusual level of talk about people switching from Google to Bing in this thread.So maybe Panda 2.3 is underway or maybe not? More on that as I monitor the levels of chatter within the industry.Out Top Google webmaster related posts over past 30 days:Google SEO:
Panda 2.2 Results In Casualties & Some Recoveries
Google Panda Update Underway & Are There Recoveries?
Matt Cutts On Google Panda 2.2 Update
Google Panda 2.2 Update Underway?
SEOs Report Changes At Google UK
Google Wipes Out Any Site On CO.CC
Google: PageRank Is No Longer The Be-All & End-All Of Ranking
Obligatory Google PageRank Update Notification
Global Rollout of Google +1
Authorship Rich Snippets Come To GoogleGoogle User Interface:
Google’s Black & Gray Design Is Here To Stay
Google Mobile Top Bar A Bit Too Much?
Google Tests Site Name Instead Of Site URL In Search Results
Google +1 Showing Raw Counts In Search Results
Google Introduces New Search Features For Desktop & Mobile
Google Real Time Search, Wonder Wheel & More Go OfflineGoogle Webmaster Tools & Analytics:
Screen Shots Of Google Analytics SEO Reports
See Google Analytics Social Tracking Enabled
Google Webmaster Tools With +1 DataForum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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