January 2020 Google Webmaster Report

Here is the first Google webmaster report of 2020, the January 2020 report is pretty packed. We had Google confirm in December that there was a local search update in November, now local search uses neural matching. BERT rolled out internationally in December throughout Google search. We had numerous unconfirmed Google search algorithm updates throughout December as well. One may have been related or associated with confusion with a Google Analytics bug but we are not sure.Google News no longer needs content from Google News publishes, it can source it from the web in general. The new GoogleBot name started to roll out this past month. Google Search Console improved the messaging interface, discover reports are fast and there were numerous bugs throughout the month with Search Console.Oh and Larry and Sergey had enough – they have stepped down from their roles and made Sundar CEO of it all.Here is last month’s recap if you missed that. Here is the stories somewhat categorized for the past 30-days:Google Algorithm Updates:
Google Confirmed The November 2019 Google Local Update – Here Is What We Know
Google New Years Search Algorithm Update? Mixed Signals.
Google Christmas Search Algorithm Update Chatter – I Don’t Think So
Google Search Algorithm Update This Week; Mixed Signals & Confusion
December 11th Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update Signals
Recent Google Algorithm Update Chatter May Be Related To An Analytics Bug
December 4th Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update. Maybe?
Google: We Can Debug Our Search Ranking Algorithm At Many Levels
Google BERT International Launch Still Impacts ~10% Of Queries
Google BERT Now International Supporting Over 70 Languages

Google SEO:
Google News Submission Not Required, Powered By BERT & New Top Stories Features
Google News Publisher Center Updated & News Content Now From Web
Google’s New GoogleBot User Agent Names Rolling Out
Google: Put Voice Search Optimization Fad To Sleep Already
Google: E-A-T Less Important For E-Commerce Sites
Google Updates Search Quality Raters Guidelines On December 5th
Medium Google Organic Traffic Takes A Beating
Google News Stopped Supporting Stock Tickers & Genre?
Google: We Try To Understand Comment Sections But It Is Primary Content
Bing’s Frédéric Dubut: Keyword Research Practices Should Be Replaced By Intent Research
Google Super Easy Explanation How It Uses Machine Learning In Search
Google: It’s Not Just About Improving Your Content But Rather Your Whole Web Site
Google Video Spam Through Text-To-Speech Technology
Google Mocks SEO Strategy To Update Stories With “2020” Titles & Headlines
Google: Fewer Page Types Is Easier
Google: Legal Interstitials Are Fine As Long As We Can Index Content
Google: You Always Need Textual Content On-Page
Google Again: Linking Out To High Authority Sites Does Not Help With Your Rankings
Google On Salience Score Matter For SEO
Google’s John Mueller Answers Seven Common SEO Questions Including The Secret To Ranking
Google May Treat Some 404s As 301s & Canonicalize To A New URL
Google: Speakable Markup Works Outside Of News Content
Google Warns: City Landing Pages Can Be Doorway Pages & Against Guidelines
Google: BERT Does Not Affect Indexing

Google Search Console & Analytics:
Google Search Console Updates Messaging Interface
Google Discover Performance Reports Now Show Data Faster
Google Search Console’s Coverage Report Shows More Indexed Pages
Google Analytics Bugs Causing Concern & Confusion
December 16th Google Analytics Bug Not Fixed Yet
Google Adds Checkmarks In Boxes For Search Console Reports
Google Search Console Uncommon Downloads;You Should Request Review & Ignore
Google Search Console Speed Report Changes
Google Discover Performance Report Data Bug; December 8-13
Google Search Console Showing Errors For Incorrectly Tagging URL With RDFa or Microdata
Google Search Console Job Postings Errors Adjustments

Google Local:
Google Local Pack “Choose Area” Feature Now Live
Google Displays “Get More Reviews” For Local Knowledge Panels You Manage
Google My Business Photos Being Added To Google Posts Without Option To Delete
Google Local Pack Tests Tile-like Buttons
Google Local Tests Browse By Photo
Google Allows You To Request Multiple Quotes From Local Service Ads
Google Local Panel With New Service Areas Icon
Google Local Pack Tests Site Cards Element
Google Tests Local Service Ads For Realtors
Google Local Panel With “X Minutes From Landmark”
Google Tests Local Pack With Black Ad Label On Desktop

Google User Interface & Search Changes:
Google News Site Command Feature Temporarily Out Of Order
Google Images Tests Paginated Results
Google Snippet Shows List Includes For Some List Based Content
Google Tests Featured Snippets With “See What Others Say”
Google Invites Many To Cameos In Search
Google 2019 Holiday Decorations Are Live For Christmas, Chanukah & Kwanzaa

Google Business:
Larry Page & Sergey Brin Hand Sundar Pichai CEO Role For Both Alphabet & Google
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