January 2015 Google Webmaster Report

This past month in Google, we had Google tell us that the Penguin shifts are ongoing – although, it died down after that for the holidays. Google rolled out their local search algorithm, we code named Pigeon, globally. The mobile labels went international this past month. Google announced Freebase is going down, which is what powers some of the Google Knowledge Graph. Google slapped a link network named Get Indexed in the Netherlands. I am still trying to figure out what slapped this site with Panda. And we dug deeper into tabbed/expandable content and if that matters on mobile or not.Here is a listing of what you should skim for the past 30 days of Google SEO topics:Google: Those Penguin Fluctuations Are Our Ongoing Optimizations
Friday’s Google Penguin Changes Revert Back Again
Google Penguin Updated Again This Morning
Google Pigeon Algorithm Rolls Out Globally In English Locales
Google Mobile Friendly Label Goes International
Google’s Freebase To Close After Migrating To Wikidata: Knowledge Graph Impact?
Get Indexed Netherlands Slapped By Google?
Did Comments Cause This Site To Get Hit By Google Panda 4.1?
More From Google On Hidden Content Within Tabs & Expand All
Google: Hidden Content On Mobile Is Okay
Google: New TLDs Have No Inherent Search Ranking Advantage
Google: Working On Fun Stuff With Search Query Reports In Webmaster Tools
Google Quality Algorithms Don’t Bring On Deeper Web Crawls
Google Now Shows Song Lyrics In Search Results
Google Poll: Do You Want Us To Call Out Your Technical SEO Issues Publicly?
Google: Rich Snippet Reviews Markup Not Meant For Customer Testimonials
Google: Don’t Worry About The Ouput Of The Site Command
Does My Home Page Need To Be Listed First In Google’s Site Command?
Google Breadcrumb Snippets Remove Clickable Hyperlink
Google: Your HTTPS Site Has Canonicals Pointing To HTTP
Google Tests Images In Mobile Search Result Snippets
Google Images Germany Switches To Framed Previews
Google App Indexing: 15% Of Android Searches Return Deep Links
With App Indexing On Mobile Sites With Separate URLs, Link To Both Desktop & Mobile URLs
Karolina Kruszska Hangs Up Her Google Spam Fighting GlovesFor the previous month’s report, see over here.Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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