Jagger 3 Take Away

Thought I share a post I like from the huge Part 3 Update Jagger WebmasterWorld thread. The post is on page 64, message number 961 by walkman.Google’s problem as I see it, after reading trust rank, is that they focus too much on likelyhoods and stats:MIT links to you site, you must good pages, whether you have stuff about engineering or Teletubies.You got a ROS link, so you must’ve cheated so we’ll send you to #300, instead of just ignoring the suscpicious links unless they can be checked.
Too broad of a brush, and very easy to fall way off the radar IMO. We’re not talking about from #2 to #5, we’re talking going to 10 visitors a day. Basically, from what I am hearing, at this stage of the update…. Getting a link from a solid site, seriously solid Web site, like a reputable newspaper, you are set. Im still looking for gems in these threads – I probably missed a few – but I’ll keep looking.As of 2:54AM (EST) this morning, GoogleGuy posted that Google is “still in flux, reseller. I [GoogleGuy] still expect to spread to other data centers.”


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