Google’s Penguin Algorithm Still Not Running Regularly & Monthly

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When Google released the well overdue Penguin 3.0 back in October of last year, we thought that would bring a faster running and more regularly and frequently updated refreshes to the algorithm. But the truth is, we have not seen an update to Penguin since early December – so for about three months now. Prior to that, it was over a year since we had a Penguin update.Josh in a Google+ hangout asked John Mueller about that and John said at 20:54:At the moment, I don’t think its [Google Penguin] is on a monthly schedule. So we’re trying to get that to be more regular but at the moment, it’s not something that is rolling out monthly.He is probably right, if there was a Penguin refresh, I would have seen it and tracked it, just like with Panda not updating.When will we see a Penguin refresh? I have no idea. When will we see a Panda refresh? I have no idea.Here is the video at the start of the question:Forum discussion at Google+.


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