Google Webmaster Tools Link Update & “Download This Table” Feature is Back

Google has been updating the link reports in Webmaster Tools more frequently, so I stopped reporting them. But Google also removed the download this table feature from those reports back in February of this year. It was at that time, I was no longer easily able to provide you a report of my top links as reported in Webmaster Tools.

First, here is a screen shot showing the “download this table” is finally back in the reports. I am not sure when Google added it back, but I know it was missing for months and months:

Now that it is back, I can share with you my top pages based on the number of links pointing to them, according to Google Webmaster Tools. So here they are:

June 2008 Linkage Data
Link #

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I did not include major index pages, such as the home page, archives, and so on, just articles. I have noticed more of the “index” pages to be closer to the top of the report, then in the past. Meaning, more of my informational pages (not articles) have more links then in the past. In addition, I noticed that many of my top pages from the past were no longer top this time around. This seems to imply that those links dropped off the planet and no longer count as much. But I am not sure if that is correct. In fact, I tried to write about that theory in my write up named The Life Time Value of Links Based on Google Webmaster Central from April of last year, but it was very hard to prove – so it is still a theory that I and many others believe in for numerous reasons that I won’t get into here.

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