Google Webmaster Link Tool October 2007 Update

Google has updated Google Webmaster Tools with a link update last week. Google typically does these updates monthly, around this time. There are additional reports of and ranking changes.

There is currently discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

Here is a look at our top pages, by links reported via Google Webmaster Tools:

October 2007 Linkage Data
Link #

Google Book Search Results in Organic Results?

How long does it take to update site-wide 301 redirects in Google?

I’m an SEO and I Don’t Give a Flying Cow What Your Site Visitors Want

If Submitting to Search Engines is Useless, Why Do They Have a Submission Form?

Threadwatch Blog Closes Down

Yahoo Chief Sales Officer in the US Resigns

Google Reader Downtime: Solved

Seeing Geotargeted Yahoo Ads from Another Country

Google Maps Supports User Generated Reviews

The Following 123 People Built My Web Site

The updates seem less dramatic each month.

For the past updates see:
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Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.


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