Google Update Chatter Suggests Penguin Movement Or Algorithm Changes

Monday I scheduled a post about webmasters noticing Penguin recoveries after not seeing much of an impact shortly after the Penguin 4.0 launch.

But now I am seeing an uptick in chatter as of this morning, October 5th, of changes to the Google search results. Many are saying it is Penguin related but I have no real way to verify without Google doing so – and they won’t.

The WebmasterWorld thread has these quotes for me to share:

Seeing changes this morning. Those positive results that we saw initially seem to be sliding back to near where we were pre-penguin ‘launch’ date.

We’ve just seen some massive improvements across most keywords. Doesn’t stick for too long (probably just different data centres). Hope it’s a sign of things to come. UK Travel sector.

1 Sept – big rise in rankings.

15 Sept – ranking reverted to pre 1 Sept and possibly lower. Remained like this with slight fluctuation until 1 October.

2 October – briefly saw big rise in rankings, only stuck for 15 mins or so.

5 Oct – saw biggest improvement in ranking ever, some 50+. Still not sticking but definitely visible more often when I check my ranking checker.

Guys, we are seeing major changes across sites with problematic history. Most are very positive. i think Penguin is actually reaching UK shores! (will post on Penguin thread also)

Here is a quote from a new Black Hat World thread:

Big link popularity website (over 50,000 BL), remove an entire 30 PBN links 2 days ago that have been established over the last 1.8 years (some might think I’m crazy), a HUGE jump up in rankings, ranking nationwide phrases and more.

The tools are all typically hot but the only ones really updated for today are RankRanger and maybe AccuRanker. RankRanger is actually on fire, I didn’t check it until towards the end of writing this story, here is a screen shot:

Here is one tweet thus far:

@rustybrick @Marie_Haynes @glenngabe I am seeing lots of movement today , the most since 24/04/12 πŸ™‚ Was seeing slight movment but lots now

β€” Wholesale Clearance (@WholesaleClear) October 5, 2016

@rustybrick Quickly checking some of the sites that saw movement already, I’m seeing more in same direction @WholesaleClear @Marie_Haynes

β€” Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) October 5, 2016

I asked some of my Penguin gurus to check as well and I will update this story within an hour when I hear back.

@rustybrick @WholesaleClear @glenngabe Most of the sites that saw gains last week have kept those. A couple improved very slightly as well.

β€” Marie Haynes (@Marie_Haynes) October 5, 2016

@rustybrick @WholesaleClear @glenngabe But not seeing any new major moves. Feels like Penguin is continuing to roll as G crawls the web.

β€” Marie Haynes (@Marie_Haynes) October 5, 2016

@rustybrick For example, check rankings increase from yesterday. +43, +14, etc. @WholesaleClear @Marie_Haynes

β€” Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) October 5, 2016

@Marie_Haynes @rustybrick @glenngabe Penguin 3 slapped page that got even worse rankings in the last weeks now is moving up for keywords

β€” Michael Hundeshagen (@sumaoptix) October 5, 2016

Here’s a nice gradual Penguin recovery case. @rustybrick

β€” Marie Haynes (@Marie_Haynes) October 5, 2016

1/2 Major ranking changes today for Penguin-penalized Romanian site, desktop mostly. @rustybrick @seomonitor

β€” Mihai Aperghis (@mihaiaperghis) October 5, 2016

2/2 Major ranking changes today for Penguin-penalized Romanian site, desktop mostly. @rustybrick @seomonitor

β€” Mihai Aperghis (@mihaiaperghis) October 5, 2016

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