Google Update Brewing? Some Early Chatter & Signals.

Over the past few days, I’ve been seeing webmasters complain and cautiously rejoice about shifts in their traffic from Google and some of the search results fluctuations. Now, it seems like the chatter and signals are somewhat limited to compared to let’s say an upcoming Penguin update but there is enough chatter for me to report it to you all.Here are some quotes from the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread with that chatter:Sunday we experience the worst traffic google ever send Things took a slightly productive turn today. Sales came in quick and then vanished within 3 hours. Also seeing massive google bot activity across the site something being cooked out there for sure Yesterday traffic was up around 18%, which is substantial by any measure. Sales, on the other hand, reflect the poor conversion rate seen on zombie days. Looking at this morning’s stats, I would concur with Nutterum that something was pushed Sunday/Monday. Whether it sticks, is still updating or will be rolled back is the next question. The tracking tools have been all over the past the past few months, to be honest, but Mozcast spiked a bit more yesterday and SERPMetrics spiked over the past few days, so has Algoroo and RankRanger. Here are some screen shots of some of those tools:So is something rolling out? Google would likely tell me, we’re always updating our search algorithms.What do you all think?Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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