Google to Increase Index Size Again?

It looks like it according to a featured thread at Search Engine Watch Forums named Sept. 2005 Google Index Update & Size Increase Coming?In that thread, member shor reported huge increases in the indexing of some of a sampling of his clients.Sample (5 sites):
5/09/2005 17:11 1,870,000 1,730,000 349,000 544,000 317,000
7/09/2005 13:00 4,910,000 4,660,000 828,000 1,512,000 864,000One of the convincing factors, as Danny notes in the thread and in his blog postings, linked to within the thread, is that when you do a search on “the” you get over 8 billion pages. At this moment in time, at for the search the I get 8,640,000,000 results. The is pretty amazing, since Google is only “Searching 8,168,684,336 web pages.” The is a difference of 471,315,664 pages, meaning Google indexed more pages for the keyword “the” then what is listed on the Google homepage footer.


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