Google Search Ranking Update Chatter Continues

As you know, we reported Google algorithm search ranking shifts this past Monday based on weekend chatter. That died down for a bit but overnight it spiked back up. The comments on that post have people complaining about new changes in the past 24-hours and the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread has new chatter. In addition, many of the automated tracking tools are flaring up again.

Here are some new comments from the SEO community around the changes in the Google search results:

My site has lost about 30 to 40% of its google traffic today.

Site utterly tanked today and is now ranking/bouncing all over creation. Anyone seeing other weirdness today? Strange bird…

Yes on weirdness. I see some sort of rollback. A page in cache is newer than the page being displayed in search results.

Seeing a lot of movement. Wonder if it’s related to the update/pullback over the weekend. Could be in for a big one overnight into tomorrow.

Most of the tools that have data for today are showing significant fluctuations in the search results in Google. Not all of them but most of them. Here are some screen shots of those charts:



SERP Metrics:


Algoroo not so much:

It seems to be not as widespread as a big update but those impacted by this update is 100% feeling it big time.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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