Google Ranking Update Fluctuations Continue (3/29-4/1)

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These fluctuations won’t die down, it seems like we’ve been reporting these tremors and fluctuations a lot since the beginning of the year and even more so since the release of the March 12th core update.

We are seeing more Google update chatter around these fluctuations from around March 29th through today, April 1st – and no, this is no April Fools joke. Just to keep you updated on the core update, here are all our current stories around it:

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Now, back to the March 29th through April 1st changes. I am not seeing too many of the tracking tools picking up on the change but the forums do seem busy. Specifically the two threads at WebmasterWorld. Here are some quotes since March 29th:

Huge drop in my traffic since yesterday 3/29.

Even worse today. Saturday is always one of the best days of the week.

Keywords are stable. There were no oscillations. A little strange …

Some update or test.

Tourism, USA

Same here, keywords i track are stable , yet there is something that is brewing internally per site basis which is why may be the tracking tools are yet to pick it up . Very Strange though . It started around 2 days back to be precise .

This is what happened to my traffic 😐

Yes, it started a few days ago. But yesterday the drop was strong, and today things just got worse.

I’ve lost more than 60% on daily pageviews since yesterday.

Same here. SERPs still bouncing around for my site, mostly decrease in rankings.

Dropping 4-5 spots across wide variety of terms I used to rank #1-5 for in SERPs.

Google is rewarding much newer sites in my niche (my domain is over 10 years old with domain authority of 88).

After a brief recovery, right back to zilch and zombies. Nothing but mobile and tablet visitors. Zero conversions. Oh I get it, APRIL FOOLS from Google.

Same here, started seeing some dismal recovery with some conversions which completely stopped Sunday. 🙁

Now for the tools that track the Google fluctuations.


SERP Metrics:

Algoroo (note the April Fools joke):

Advanced Web Rankings:



Cognitive SEO:


So most (not all) of the tools say no, but the chatter says yes. Interesting when the two don’t align.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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