Google Penguin 4.0 Declines Happening As Well

As you know, we are expecting some negativity out of Penguin 4.0 because some links no longer count. So if a site loses links, or they no longer count, the rankings of the page can decline.So I asked SEOs for some examples and this is what I got.

@rustybrick I’ve seen some surprising drops & rises within the legal niche in the US.— Jarod Spiewak (@SEOJarod) October 14, 2016
Some folks at WebmasterWorld also are reporting the declines.I’ve been experiencing a gradual but significant traffic decline since around the time of the Penguin 4.0 release. I’m seeing exactly the same. It’s very strange. I noticed fluctuations just before Penguin was announced, and they’re continuing to present date – seeing a similar volume of traffic drop. I wouldn’t expect to see a Penguin hit. So while many are talking about their Penguin recoveries, there are clearly many loses as well.Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Twitter.This post was scheduled to go live today but was written earlier – I am currently offline today.


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