Google Panda Hasn’t Updated In About 6 Months

Can you believe, the last official Google Panda refresh/update was Panda 4.1 on September 25, 2014? We’ve seen updates to it since, but those updates stopped around October 24, 2014, which is 5 months and 2 weeks or so ago.

I asked John Mueller of Google in a Google+ handout at the 47:50 mark in the video:

There hasn’t been a Panda update in a while, since October or so, right?

In John fashion, he answers:

That’s possible, yea.

Watch the video to see how he answers it:

We know Google has to push these updates, at least now, but hasn’t in about 6 months.

A half a year is a long time to wait for a Panda refresh, don’t you think?

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