Google PageRank Losing Trust Amongst Webmasters?

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We had a Google Toolbar PageRank update last month and noticed that had a PR of 9, whereas Facebook had a PR of 10. Over the weekend, many started noticing Twitter had a PR of 0. A clear sign of a bug somewhere, either on Twitter’s side or Google’s side. Anyway, I feel like more and more webmasters are trusting Google’s PageRank less. Which is mostly a good thing.I won’t get into why it is a good thing, most of my readers heard it a hundred times from me. But why is it a bad thing? Well, PageRank is Google’s trust indicator. If users,webmasters and SEOs trust it less, then what does that make PageRank to them or to Google’s branding?A WebmasterWorld thread has one senior member saying, “pagerank scale seems stretchy!” Not sketchy, I know but the user is wondering why the numbers seem off from what he is use to historically, leading to less trust. He said,A guess – they stretched the pagerank scale. It takes more links of equal value to achieve the same as fewer could before the update. had enough pagerank value to equal 8 prior to the update but afterwards that same value is only worth a 7.What do you think?Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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