Google Medic Update: Many Are Looking Back To Google’s Panda Advice From 2011

With the Google Medic Update from August 1st, the core broad Google algorithm update. Many are not just looking at the quality raters guidelines but also looking back at the advice former head of search Amit Singhal gave around the Google Panda update from May 2011. The advice is solid advice for any web site looking to get better and thus can probably be related to any core broad algorithm update. Dan Shure posted a screen shot of some of the bullet points on Twitter that post back in 2011:Reminder: now more than ever is a good time to refresh on these 23 questions from Amit Singhal – originally from 2011 but I think VERY relevant to the last Google update— Dan Shure (@dan_shure) August 9, 2018
Gary Illyes from Google responded in his normal sarcastic manner on Twitter saying “It’s almost like we’ve been saying the same things for the last decade.”It’s almost like we’ve been saying the same things for the last decade— Gary “鯨理” Illyes (@methode) August 15, 2018
SEOs, webmasters and those impacted by this Google update are looking for ways to get their rankings back. Google’s advice has been super limited thus far and SEOs are trying to figure out if they need to focus on links, content or other things. Overall, from the advice I am seeing, Google is pointing at overall a better content and user experience and less so on the link side. But who knows…For all my stories on this Google Medic Update, see our Google Medic category.Forum discussion at Twitter.


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